A drama scene video at a Lagos mall is making rounds on social media. The drama seems to be caused by a woman who confronted her husband’s alleged side chic in public.

Mall goers filmed the scene after a woman was confronting a lady she bumped into in the mall. After she bumped into the lady, the woman began screaming at her and shoving her with her hands.

From the video, it was gathered that the furious woman was accusing the young lady of refusing to leave her husband alone.

The woman was heard telling the young lady that she had warned her to leave her husband alone. At some point, the woman pulled off the young lady’s wig and continued to shove her with her hands.

In the video, the woman was heard calling the lady names. She called her a prostitute and a husband snatcher.

Some men in the mall were seen trying to stop the woman from going after the lady but she continued to pull away from them.

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