Popular transgender woman Idris Okuneye Olabrewaju seems to trend on the internet, She is a self acclaimed barbie male known as Bobrisky. He is a internet personality and influencer and lives a very luxurious life.

Recently, He visited his Dad to honour and celebrate his birthday which was on the 15th of June. Her visit caused some controversy and arguments because he looked nothing like Bobrisky. See video of his visit and photos from the event below.

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The Barbie took it to her official Instagram handle to explain the reason behind his acts. In summary, she did what she did intentionally to make people look stupid, also just to trend on the internet and because of the respect she has for his family.

She wrote, “Have you seen me in person? I fine die. Ask those people who has met me in person. Oh you think is easy for a man to buy you a house in Lekki, forget wat internet write about me, ur husband and boyfriends are all in my DM begging. Keep hating while I share ur husband money with u CODED. I don’t talk too much. All I do is to make you look stupid”.

An Instagram user asked on her post why she looked decent on his Dad’s birthday. She replied, ” there is absolutely nothing wrong with wat am wearing. I wore a face cap and a black jalabia. I’m not the celebrant I don’t have to paint face to my dad’s house. I respect my family. Oh you think my parent don’t sec my IG”.

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She further posted some videos and wrote on her page to show that he doesn’t actually care about what is being said about her. See below


Internet users trolled her and made fun of him. Below are some screenshots of their comments and reaction.