Sometimes, we need to hear other people’s stories so to be able to encourage and strengthen ourselves in whatever situation we find ourselves.

The story of this lady identified as Maryann has a lot to teach people who feel inferior after encountering some ugly situations in life.

The first three pictures below were taken when she had her two hands and was living fine until the wind of life and blew that away but she held on to courage that she looks even happier now.

According to Maryann, she started holding this pain inside long ago but in 2016 which seemed to be the year things fell apart for her, she started going for scanning and medical attention when it started paining.

She said it started like a small wound but after series of scans, it was discovered that she is suffering from Congenital Arteries and Vein Malformation of the hand, (AVM).

See the story as she shared that faithful day begging for funds and crying that she has lost her friends and her family is running out of fund for her treatment.

See the story in the screenshot below.

She journeyed through this pain and agony from hospital to hospital. She travelled to India for another form of surgery where she met a condition that worsened the situation as at then.

Because she was alone in her hotel room, she wanted to boil water and fire caught the bandage on her hand because she couldn’t feel her fingers anymore. That tripled the pain she had but she was later fine after she headed to see her doctor immediately.

She held on to life with hope. Because of viewer’s interest, I could not show her pictures with the open wound but anyone can check her on Instagram and be encouraged.

Here are some old pictures of her

The last picture above she took in the hospital saying she celebrated her birthday in the hospital in 2016.

Time ticked fast and after series of surgeries, the hand was finally cut but that never stopped her from being the best of herself as others always do whenever they find such challenge.

The sickness started eating up her fingers because while the doctors thought two fingers were contaminated and need to be cut of so to save others, they cut of the fingers but it persisted until they had the cut of her arm.

See her recent pictures with her husband and her son below.

More beautiful photos of MaryAnn