Veteran Nollywood actress, Lilian Bach, recently took to social media via her Instagram page to reveal that her store had also been affected by the looting that took place in Lagos state.

It is no longer news that a number of business owners were left in tears after their stores were vandalised and looted by dishonest Nigerians who used the opportunity of the unrest in the country to cause more harm and pain to innocent people.

Lilian Bach
Lilian Bach

Lilian Bach’s store located at the Adeniran Ogunsanya Mall in Surulere, was also one of those affected.

The actress took to her page to lament the situation as she asked some valid questions.

She said that the hoodlums had now put a lot of people into huge debts as a result of the vandalisation, looting and burning of people’s years of hard work.

Her post reads:

“I wanted to do a video but I was angry and I couldn’t bring myself to say a word .

I got the bad news that my shop at the Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall, Surulere has been vandalized and looted.

Hoodlums broke into the mall 2 nights ago to vandalize and loot all the stores located in the mall.

They left behind so much destructions – swipe to see pics and videos .

Why? Didn’t these hoodlums know that we are all suffering as a result of bad government, but some of us decided to double our hustles and not give up by being entrepreneurs ?

These hoodlums have put a lot of people into huge debts as a result of the vandalization, looting and burning of innocent people’s years of hard-work.

Didn’t these hoodlums know that the peaceful protests held before the massacre was for the betterment of everybody including them?

Why do hoodlums always hijack peaceful protests and seize the opportunity to rob ,loot, vandalize and destroy properties of innocent and hard working Nigerians?

No excuses for those despicable acts. You only get temporary relief from your loots and you are back to square 1.

What we have been protesting for is what will eventually bring permanent solution to the plights of Nigerians but they wouldn’t exercise patience. They decided to be on the same level with the government! What a shame!

Pls, stop the violence and destruction of properties. Stop the looting . Stop. Just stop.

Mo fi oruko olorun be yin, oti to. Ema da iya kun iya fun wa. Oti to.”

See the full post below:

So sad.

In another news, Coming after Uche Elendu was dragged by her colleague, Doris Ogala and other Nigerians for allegedly lying about the “Lekki shop looting” Saga, the Igbo born thespian has finally opened up.

Earlier reported that the single mother of two was branded a liar and Doris Ogala had called her out claiming that her loss was not enough to kick start a Go Fund me account.

In an exclusive chat with Kemi Filani News, Uche Elendu insisted that her shop in Lekki was looted including other ones.

In her words:

“I am heartbroken to see what a peaceful protest turned into. People lost their loved ones, lost prosperities. Everyone is wailing. The blood stain on the Nigerian flag is very symbolic. We need lots of prayers to wipe off that stigma. This is a Democratic government; they are expected to listen to our pleas. We are so backward; yet a country so blessed with rich human and natural resources. Now innocent people are dead. What have we done to deserve this? No light, no good road, no good water system, education zero. “

She continued

“My store in Lekki, Lagos was looted and other ones there too. Goods worth over N15 million were carted away. They removed everything. Even my Generator, my CCTV. I lost everything. I was sitting in my home when I saw photos of my store empty. Government, security officers couldn’t do anything to help an average Nigeria dispel these thugs from their continuous looting. Let the chaos stop, let peace prevail. This is a Democratic government.”