“You Have Loved My Kids As Though They Were Yours”: Couple’s Family Portrait At Their Wedding Goes Viral


Linda and Jason look the picture of perfection at their traditional wedding.

This is an infusion of two different families, where the bride has kids of her own, as well as the groom having kids of his own as well.


They come together in one big Union to start a new family.

The colours of the day were a bright red, and white and bother couple and kids look so good in their traditional wrappers, beads, and vests.

The portraits fr this wedding has been making rounds on the internet, and #LynJayDreams19 has gone viral for their beautiful family photos.

Their messages to each other are so heart warming:

“You have loved my kids as though there yours
And I also love your kids. We became the portrait of a perfect family. Accepting our imperfections was one of the best steps we took..” .

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