(PHOTOS) You Can Rock Any Of These Hawt Ankara Tops On A Skirt Or Trousers


Today, it’s all about the sexy, fabulous Ankara blouses that make a great addition to your closet. You can rock any of these hawt ankara tops on any bottoms of your choice, be it a pair trousers or skirts. Sometimes, we just need that quick top to throw on when we need to go out. But the beauty of these tops is in their versatility, as with the right skirt or trousers and accessories, they can pass for a good outing top.

I don’t think we can ever run out of sexy ankara blouse styles because just when you think you have seen it all, the designers bring out another crazy side to their designs and we are wowed all over again.

Ankara is always best paired with skirt or trousers that have one of the colors in the ankara fabric. This simply means instead of choosing a black skirt or blue jeans, if your ankara has green in it, you can wear green skirt of that shade, or green shoes, just to make it pop more.

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