Who is Bidemi Kosoko’s mother? All you need to know about her Mother (PHOTOS)


Bidemi Kosoko is a successful Nigerian actress. She likes to wear comfortable and vague clothes. Bidemi is from a Big Star Family and proud of it. Jide Kosoko is her father. He is a legendary actor from last century and the former president of Association of Theatre Arts.

Bidemi Kosoko

Who is Bidemi Kosoko’s mother?

Henrietta Kosoko is her stepmother. She died of diabetes on 6 June at the age of 53. But she had been talented actress since 1995. Her sister, Sola Kosoko, is a newly-comer actress and Muyiwa Olowuh, her stepbrother, is a famous musician.

Henrietta Kosoko

Who is Bidemi Kosoko’s mother?

Life of famous Hollywood actress Bidemi Kosoko is going to be much better with years. She has heavenly beauty, successful career and the man who loves her immensely, but what about her mother? Who is she? And do we know the truth about this.

After Henrietta Kosoko died, many people start talking about truthful information about her life. Only some period later people decided to know at least something about Henrietta Kosoko biography for real.

Some people say that Henrietta is a biological mother of Bidemi. But the father of Bidemi and Sola Kosoko, Jide Kosoko said that their biological mother died in 1993. He assured that two daughters were born by the one mother.

Henrietta Kosoko died

Who is Bidemi Kosoko’s mother?

When biological Bidemi’s mother died, she was so little and could not remember her real mom. After Bidemi’s father married, Henrietta became her real mom. “We were very close all the time. She taught me many women’s secrets and I thank her for it”, said Bidemi almost during every interview. Henrietta helped her with life’s questions, for example, wedding or career. She taught her to believe in God. “Henrietta taught me to love myself, she was a great mom”.

The death of Henrietta was really urecnexpectedly for everybody. No one from family couldn’t believe in it and Bidemi too. After she had got a message from her father, she posted on Instagram a picture with comments: “I can not believe that you have gone, you asked me to get you something from Dubai which I did. I will miss u so much..”.

As you can see, Bidemi Kosoko loves her stepmom so much, but what we know about Henrietta’s real life?

Who is Bidemi Kosokos mother?

Who is Bidemi Kosoko’s mother?

She was born May 30, 1964, in Delta state. Her real name is Emumejiakpo. She is an African origin. She is the third wife of Jide Kosoko. Her husband forced her to start acting in the movies and she became a famous actress in 1995 when she played the movie ‘Omolade‘. After her successful career as an actress she started to help her children to make their life such good as her life is, for instance, she helped her son Muyiwa Olowuh in musician career until she died.

Henrietta Kosoko has six children: two boys from her last husband Mr. Olowu, Oluwamuyiwa, Temilade and two stepdaughters from Jide Kosoko. She is a desperate mother who has brought up true heroes of this world.

Bidemi Kosokos mother

Who is Bidemi Kosoko’s mother?

Great mother and wife died in fighting with diabetes. She had a happy life and gone in another world with an honest heart.

The ceremony honoring of Henrietta Kosoko was calm and without precedent. All her children came to commemorate her. Boys and girls were crying after their unmatched mother.

So, who is Henrietta Kosoko? Is she biological Bidemi’s mother or not? Did she love her stepdaughters like her biological children? We never will know!