For a long time, Nigerians did not know who Adesua Etomi’s parents were. Despite the fact that fans of the actress wanted to learn more details about them, they remained hidden. Well, keep reading to find out interesting information about the family of the star.

Adesua Etomi

Since Adesuwa became a star, Nollywood fans are always interested in every word and action of this celebrity. On the Internet, there were no Adesua Etomi’s parents pictures and detailed information about them.

Fortunately, the situation has changed. This happened after Adesua Etomi and her now husband, Banky W informed the world about their engagement. After their engagement ceremony, Adesuwa’s parents quickly became the public’s objects of admiration.

Adesua Etomi parents photos

The emotional photo of the daughter and mom quickly spread on the Internet. Her mother can be seen standing next to her while holding her hand during a prayer time.

Adesua Etomi parents: facts you should know

There’s also a photo of Adesuwa and her parents smiling joyfully during their daughter’s engagement ceremony. The photograph also showed Adesuwa in sheer joy on her special day.

Adesua Etomi parents

There are several interesting facts that you should know:

  • Adesua is the youngest child among the family’s three children.
  • The homeland of her father is Esan and He is a military man.
  • Her mother is Yoruba. She’s a trained civil engineer.

The Nigerian celebrity continues to provide minimum information about her childhood and parents in interviews. But it became known that she grew up in regular family. In her life, there were both difficult and pleasant moments. Her family always gave her the warmest support and surrounded the girl with love. So she felt secure.

Also, before the wedding, a photo of the newlyweds with the groom’s parents appeared on the Internet. Now they have become a mother-in-law and father-in-law for Etomi.

Adesua Etomi mother-in-law and father-in-law

We wish Adesuwa and Banky W happiness and prosperity in their marriage.