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The famous Nigerian artiste Olamide and Davido have thousands of fans in Nigeria and outside the country. They have earned all their fame and possessions with their passion, talent, and enthusiasm. More and more fans are wondering about Olamide and Davido new cars. Which cars do they have? Find out from the post below!

Olamide and Davido new cars

Superstar Olamide

The real name of the superstar is Olamide Adedeji, but Nigerians mostly know him by the stage name Olamide Baddosneh or Baddo. After the long and fruitful way to success, Olamide has finally become the most loved singer Nigeria. He is not only a great singer but also a talented businessman, as he holds a position of a CEO at the YBNL Records Company. He already has a good number of profitable deals and cooperation successes.

Aside his great songs, Olamide is also famous for the luxurious lifestyle and multiple possessions. Being one of the richest musicians in Nigeria, there is no wonder that Olamide has multiple houses and cars. The Nigerian media always tries to find out about the new Olamide cars and his wealthy life. We have also managed to dig some information about the popular rapper’s vehicles.

Olamide new cars

We can often see Olamide taking photos in front of his newest cars. There is no doubt that the singer has a large collection of the coolest and newest transport means. It is known for sure that Olamide has owned the following luxurious cars, with their approximate prices estimated by the media:

  • Toyota Camry, worth N4,000,000
  • Range Rover Sports, worth N15,000,000
  • Another Range Rover, the exact price of which is unknown
  • Mercedes-Benz G-Class (also called G-Wagon), worth N23,000,000

The rapper also has a very expensive Rolls Royce car, which is a dream of every Nigerian. It is worth nearly N68,000,000. He also purchased the Toyota Venza, the price of which was estimated to be N6,500,000, but it was not for himself – he gave it as a present to his producer Young John.

There is a high chance that Olamide’s car collection will be getting bigger soon, as he is a famous car lover. However, he is not the only celebrity who is obsessed with expensive cars. In the rating of car lovers, he holds the third place behind Wizkid and Davido. Now, we are going to talk about Davido and his car garage, which is even more impressive.

Olamide car

Olamide and his car, photo from nairaland.com

Famous Davido

David Adedeji Adeleke, who is better known under the stage name Davido, is undoubtedly known by every Nigerian. He started his productive career in 2011, and since then he worked his way up to the top. The singer released multiple singles and albums that won the most prestigious awards. Of course, he is on top of every wealthiest musician in Nigeria rating. With his money, he can afford to buy basically everything, including the latest cars. The Nigerian media discuss every Davido car.

Davido new cars

Davido is a huge lover of cars, and he always buys the new ones for his collection. If you are interested in what cars he possess, we have got the exclusive peek at his garage for you.

  • Honda Accord
  • Chevrolet Camaro GS
  • Toyota Land Cruiser, worth N17,500,000
  • Range Rover Sport, worth N40,000,000
  • Porsche Carrera, worth N40,000,000
  • Mercedes Benz Sedan AMG, worth N56,000,000
  • Rolls Royce Phantom, worth N100,000,000
  • Hyundai Sonata, worth N7,500,000 (Davido got this car as an award for his achievements)
  • Audi R8 Coupe, worth N20,000,000

In 2018, it became known to the public that Davido has added a brand new car to his collection. The media quickly found out that this car is Bentley Bentayga, and the estimated worth of it is about N94,000,000. The car has a 6-liter power unit W12 and is full of the latest technologies. The inside of the vehicle is full of the most luxurious and expensive materials, and it has an ability to distribute the weight, depending on the road conditions.

2017 was a productive year for Davido, so apparently he decided to buy himself a prize for all of his achievements. He earned N500,000,000 for his latest concert alone. So, there is no wonder he bought one of the best cars in Nigeria to congratulate himself on such a successful year. Since Davido is a known car fan, we can expect him to update his car collection at any time.

It is worth mentioning that Davido also bought an expensive car for his girlfriend Chioma Rowland recently, according to the reports. The car he purchased for Chioma is a brand new Porsche, which is worth N20,000,000 – N30,000,000. So, Davido buys cars not only for himself but also for his loved ones.

Davido car

Davido and one of his cars, photo from celebritycarsblog.com

These singers surely love treating themselves and their closest ones with the brand new shiny cars. They have earned all of their money with their hard work, so they always can afford expensive gifts.

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