A video clip of a father showing off his intense dance moves at his daughter’s wedding has gone viral. The yet-to-be identified father looked excited as he bursts several moves on the dance floor, leaving many internet users in awe.

In the clip which has since gone viral, the father-daughter duo were called out for their special dance and rather than going the traditional route and dancing to a slow song that will draw tears and emotions, the duo decided to battle it on the dance floor.

The father who rocked a simple native kaftan was seen schooling his daughter on his kind of dance. The bride looked elated as she watched her father express himself with his unique and hilarious dance moves.

The crowd could be heard cheering the father and daughter duo as they reminded people the very essence of life and the importance of a strong bond between a girl child and her father.

The father-daughter duo left everyone awed with their dance steps (Photo: Instagram) Source: Instagram Basically, the internet was served with good vibes as this video clip emerged.

There is too much to love about the father and daughter dancing on such a special day.

Video Below:

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