You want to Look Sexy?? Create amazing Bright Looks with these Latest Designs of Bum Shorts and Crop Tops (PHOTOS)


Bum shorts and crop tops – best combinations for an easy and casual look. Be inspired by the latest styles from our collection!

Bum shorts and crop tops


The fashion of this season offers various looks. Colourful looks have captured the interest of fashionistas and trendy bum shorts and crop tops have become a hit.

This look is great for a hot day and adds a little playfulness to the female appearance. The look can come in denim, cotton, satin or even jacquard, and they emphasize the beauty and youthfulness of any young lady.

Ankara bum shorts and crop tops

Take note of the shorts with high waist and large pockets. They can make you truly stand out. In addition, a top with a modest neckline, created from fabric with calm colours is quite attractive.

Younger girls and teenagers may prefer a combination of frayed denim shorts and a knitted short top.

Now let’s talk about the trendy bum shorts and crop tops of this season.

Bum shorts and black crop top

Crop top

Loose crop-top without sleeves is another popular hit this season. It should be worn with similar unconstrained shorts to create a relaxed and casual look.

Open crop top

Trendy crop-tops (or shortened tops) in the 90’s style continues to gain popularity this season. A great variety of crop-tops are featured on fashion runways. These kinds of tops are always a great way to show off your style and fashion sense.

Crop top with open shoulders

If you don’t like something too tight, you can go for loose crop tops. However, if you are unafraid, try the ones that come with a bustier that hugs the body.

When it comes to color, design, material, prints, your options are basically unlimited.

Bum shorts and crop tops plus jacket

If you choose to add a jacket and high/medium heels shoes to the above attire, then you can still look fashionable but more modest. And if you change the heels to flats, you can wear the outfit to the beach. Sneakers are also allowed.

Bum shorts and crop tops - a look for beach Denim bum shorts

Bum shorts

This year they are everywhere: in offices, on the streets, beaches or luxury parties. What styles are the hits of the season? First of all, bum shorts for ladies perfectly emphasize a beautiful figure, slender legs and create a feminine, but at the same time comfortable look.

Bum shorts and crop top Bum shorts and knitted crop top

Today, designers try to add a little more class to these shorts. Some shorts have been made with flattering materials that helps you stand out without making you look too vulgar.

Bum shorts with

High waisted shorts made with light,easy fabric can be very demure and fancy. They often come in bright colours that draws attention everywhere you go.

Bum shorts with pockets and crop top

Don’t lose sight of the important details that are relevant to the current season: thin contrasting stripes and wide waistlines make for a unique look. It’s especially beautiful if you combine this type of shorts with a refined and pastel top.

African prints can also be used to make beautiful bum shorts for Nigerian women. They look quite simple and classy.

Bum shorts with pockets and crop top

Voluminous overhead pockets on the hips echo the fashion trends of the 80s and 90s. Despite the focus of the design on the hips, it does not add too much volume to the area.

Leather bum shorts and crop top

Shorts can also be made from genuine leather and they can be great for a night out. The traditional black matte leather is on trend, but that does not mean you cannot try colourful ones. Blue, turquoise, cyclamen and even orange – nothing is impossible.

Bright bum shorts and crop top

When the look is saturated with colours, designers try not overloaded the outfit with too much details and decoration.

Denim bum shorts and Ankara crop top

Trendy denim bum shorts never go out of style. They can be worn all year round. You can turn your faded jeans into a something fancy. This season, they are at the zenith of popularity. They suit all body types depending on how they are worn. You can choose a freer version for a more curvy frame.

Denim bum shorts and white crop top

Gently-blue tones and pastel colored shorts are the hits of the year. The most common versuon that is being embraced this season is the classic denim models of purple and brown colors.

Lace bum shorts Denim bum shorts with lace

One may not imagine it but lace can also be used to create some fashionable bum shorts. Whether black or colored, it is now being used, not just for evening versions but also when it comes to casual wears. Fitting or loose types of lace shorts can offer a very sultry and elegant look.

The lace can also be used to design your basic cotton or denim bum shorts. The material can be added to make the outfit so much more fancy and even festive. In other words, they can be worn to an event, if you so wish.

Ankara bum shorts and top

For a hot day, shorts are an ideal option. Only natural and very comfortable materials can be used to make them. Cotton, thin linen, silk and high-quality blended fabrics are involved in creating looks for hot weather. High quality materials will always determine the overall look and effect of your outfit.

White denim bum shorts and crop top

As for the color range, designers prefer pastel tones from lavender and blue to gentle pink. If you are brave enough, you can even go or white.


Multi-colored bum shorts and crop top Ankara bum shorts and crop top

But if you prefer bright colors and patterns, then Ankara bum shorts are just what you need. A huge number of geometric and floral designs combined with the fabrics’ basic tones of all colors of the rainbow will create an easy and playful look that people will absolutely adore

Hope you enjoyed seeing these latest designs. Choose fun and bright looks. Be trendy.

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