Chidinma, Adesua, Omoni Oboli, and other Top Nigerian Female Celebrities That Know How To Rock Natural Hair (PHOTOS)


Natural hair is coming back! Just a few years ago, natural hair was for the churchy girls or the uncool people. However, today, we can see that it is gaining momentum at a very fast pace. Virgin hair, as it is popularly called, is the hair that has basically not been altered. It hasn’t been relaxed or blown and it is usually thick, full, and curly. Since the conventional image of beautiful hair hasn’t been like this, African ladies have spent their time and money trying to tame it and make it look straight and relaxed.

However, for some reason, a lot of people are going retro with their hair and Nigerian female celebrities are not holding back. Over the past few years, we have seen natural hair come back. The coolest celebrities are now rocking it on the red carpet and for events, both nationally and internationally.

Here are the top female celebrities that have stolen the show even with natural hair.

  • Nse Ikpe Etim


Nse Ikpe-Etim is a Nigerian actress who has won multiple awards, and she thrives as a great wife and mother. When it comes to being able to rock natural hair, she’s one of the front runners.

  • Adesua Etomi


Adesua Etomi is a true beauty and a lot of us already knew that. Whether she rocks her natural hair or a weave; whether she’s on makeup or not, Adesua slays with ease. This lady makes natural hair looks perfect and it’s outstanding.

  • Beverly Naya


Another popular Nigerian actress that rocks her natural hair like a pro, is Beverly Naya. While she doesn’t seem like a naturalista, as they are called, she makes it work. Her edgy style still shines with her natural hair.

  • Omoni Oboli

 Omoni Oboli

This mother of boys is certainly strong. Handling natural hair is no easy task and neither is handling three boys! She rocks her natural hair wherever she is and she is flawlessly beautiful with it.

  • Nneka


Nneka might have been a little silent for a while now, but her hair is a very important part of her creative brand. She rocks natural hair in her own way and doesn’t seem to have to struggle with it at all.

  • TY Bello


Another creative person that has created her brand to be one with nature, is TY Bello. Her evergreen songs match her eccentric and creative hair styles very well. Nature looks great on her.

  • Chidinma


Chidinma might have seemed like she was confused with her choice of hairstyles, but one thing we can agree on is that she loves the natural swag. Whether on low cut, or in regular local threads, she sure rocks natural well.

  • Chioma Akpotha

Another one of the top actresses that uses her natural hair whenever and wherever, is this wonderful lady, Chioma Akpotha. Her red carpet game is lit and her natural hair is a huge part of her style. We totally love her for it.

  • Chimamanda Adichie

This name shouldn’t come as a surprise to us. Chmamanda Adichie is a prolific writer and feminist. While she’s busy making her voice heard, she too doesn’t hesitate to look good. However, she does it the true African way.

  • Yvonne Jegede

We also have the talented Yvonne Jegede on the list, to prove that natural hair is for the cool people too. Natural hair looks great on her and we hope she never drops it.