Top 10 most beautiful female musicians in Nigeria (PHOTOS)


Nigeria is called the “Heart of African Music”. Nigerian music has received international recognition not only in the field of folk but also popular music. The music industry is full of handsome men and beautiful ladies. But who can be called the most beautiful female musician in Nigeria? Is it possible to name only one lady as the most beautiful?

The most beautiful female musician in Nigeria

Tiwa Savage

Who is the most beautiful female musician in Nigeria?

One of the most famous musicians of Nigeria is Tiwa Savage. Tiwa is the reigning queen of Afrobeats and is believed by many Nigerians and citizens of other countries as the most beautiful female musician in Nigeria. How many facts do you know about this gorgeous lady? What makes her a diamond of the Nigerian music industry? Look at the top-7 facts everybody needs to know about the incredibly talented singer. These facts were emphasized by Sydney Scott – a famous journalist from ESSENCE.

  1. She’s all about seeing more female acts in the industry. The singer doesn’t compare herself to others but champions the idea of seeing more female artists in the industry. She once told Nigeria’s Vanguard, “Back in America, we have the likes of Beyonce, Nicky Minaj, Mariah Carey and other female acts standing tall. So why would there be just one person shining here? After all, here in Nigeria, we have male acts like Davido, Wizkid, M.I, Tuface and other big names at the same time. It’s not fair to have just one female act in the industry. So, I’m glad that more female acts are springing up. Having more female acts in the industry will open more doors.”
  2. She’s worked with incredible artists. Savage has worked with and written for some amazing artists like Monica, Fantasia, Mary J. Blige, and Whitney Houston, singing background vocals on the late icon’s I Look To You.
  3. She attended the University of Kent and Berklee College of Music. Her parents were initially hesitant about her decision to pursue music, so to quell their fears she decided to study Business Administration at the University of Kent. Later, she attended Berklee College of Music after realizing that her itch to perform was too great to ignore.
  4. Her first performance in the U.S. was during the 2014 BET Awards Weekend. She performed at BET’s “Music Around The Globe” showcase, marking her first performance in the states.
  5. She made it to the final 24 on the UK’s X Factor. Savage appeared on the UK edition of X Factor, making it to the top 24 while attending Berklee.
  6. Savage has an adorable son named Jamil.
  7. She wants to leave a global legacy. Tiwa Savage isn’t just aiming to be one of Nigeria’s biggest pop stars, she wants to make her mark on the world. Adding that her son was her biggest motivation, she told Fashion Bomb TV, “Before I used to work hard, now there’s a reason. I want to leave a legacy. I don’t want to be remembered as one of the biggest female artistes out of Africa, I just want to be remembered as one of the biggest artistes period.”

Secrets of Tiwa Savage’s beauty

How does the Nigerian singer take care of her body? What makeup does she prefer? What does she eat?

1. Fitness

Tiwa Savage prefers daily jogging. Her coach goes with her everywhere and thanks to this, Tiwa is always in great shape.

2. Food

Only thanks to her personal dietician and desire to have a perfect figure, Tiwa adheres to proper nutrition. However, sometimes Tiwa has cheat meals, the singer is very fond of fast food and sweets.

3. Makeup and hairstyle

In makeup, Tiwa likes to experiment, as well as with hair. It can be painted eyes with a gray pigment with a bright matte lipstick with the color of a ripe cherry. Large black arrows, on top of which is drawn a turquoise arrow, the entire eyelid is covered with peach pearl shadows, orange matte lipstick. Or – black arrows, cream turquoise shades and gently pink lipstick.

Gorgeous Tiwa Sawage

Gorgeous Tiwa Sawage, photo from

TIwa Savage images

So different and gorgeous Tiwa!

The beauty that inspires

Tiwa Savage is not only a recognized beauty but also a talented singer and a loving mother and simply a good person. It seems that she conquered all sorts of musical peaks in her own direction and is now deliberately moving towards the American show business.

In one of her interviews, Tiwa answered many questions that fans have been interested in for a long time. We will not quote the whole interview, just a few question and answers.

Reporter: How do you feel about being called the Queen of Afrobeats?

Tiwa Savage: I think of Queen of Afrobeats as a compliment, I don’t let it get to my head. It’s not a title that I bestowed on my head and I don’t take it lightly. A lot of people expect a lot from me and I thank God that, so far, my career has been growing. I’m just thankful and it just means that I should continue.

Reporter: You’ve been really busy this year, how do you balance your work and being a single mother?

Tiwa Savage: I think as females, we’re built a lot stronger than we give ourselves credit for. I have a great support system, I’m not gonna take credit for all of it. My family, they help a lot specially when I have to travel. I can’t travel with my son cause he’s at school. I’m blessed to have so many people that help me out and my label is really understanding.

Reporter: Do you think African female musicians need to work harder than their male counterparts for the same recognition?

Tiwa Savage: Me being a mother, a male artist who’s a father doesn’t have to travel with their kids. As a female it’s a lot more tasking for me, as a mother but again like I said, that just life. I don’t like to complain about it, I just get it done. If it means me working ten times harder than other artists, if it takes that, I’ll get it done.

From the interview: Tiwa Savage Shows Everyone Why She’s the Queen of Afrobeats With “Sugarcane”

Top 10 most beautiful female musicians in Nigeria

It will be unfair if we will tell you only about Tiwa Savage as the most beautiful female musician in our country because we have many beauties in the music industry. These celebrities are not just talented, adorable and successful. They have made a huge contribution to the development of show business not only in Nigeria but all over the world. Therefore, their names are heard by millions of people around the world. They are the most popular singers in Africa. Today it is difficult to imagine contemporary African music without at least one of these singers. Thanks to their beautiful voices and appearance they won the appreciation of the audience and crazy popularity. These beautiful ladies in Nigeria make our music industry more bright and interesting.

1. Tiwa Savage

2. Niyola

3. Cynthia Morgan

Cynthia Morgan

Cynthia Morgan, photo from YouTube

4. Waje

5. Seyi Shay

6. Chidinma

7. Simi

8. Omawumi

9. Yemi Alade

10. ASA

Nigeria has long gone from the standards of female beauty. This manifests itself not only in contemporary cinema but also in musical art. Unusually beautiful women don`t pursue the ideal deadly slimness, they don`t do one hundred plastic operations every year to make their nose smaller and their faces tighter. They use what Mother Nature gave them.

Today we learned who is rightfully considered the most beautiful female musician in Nigeria and the reigning queen of Afrobeats and other beauties of the Nigerian music industry that please our ears not only with their music but also please our eyes with their beautiful appearance.