These 7 photos Mr. Eazi And Billionaire’s Daughter, Temi Otedola Have Shown They Are The Perfect Inspiration For Young Love (PICS)


It’s good to be young and in love, as fashion vlogger Temi Otedola and Mr. Eazi are showing.

Their relationship is almost a year now and they have shown they are still very much infatuated with each other than before.


Whenever they are together, you can feel their energy and care for the other.

Though at first, they make an unlikely pair, they have shown that what matters is not the appearance but what the heart wants. That is why they are the perfect inspiration for young love.

These are 7 times Mr. Eazi and Temi Otedola are couple inspirations for the young generation.

1. They are the definition of young love.

2. They always focus on each other

3. It’s all about them, even at someone else’s special day.

4. They support each other’s career

5. Nothing like a romantic getaway to paradise.

6. They wear matching outfits.

7. They are the perfect mix of milk and chocolate

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