Photos of a Nigerian couple displaying some trending dance moves have since gone viral on social media as many internet users can’t help but fall in love with the energy displayed in the now viral photos.

Love is a beautiful thing and finding the right one to spend the rest of one’s life with is something many people hope and pray for.

With many discouraging stories about heartbreaks and disappointments revolving around relationships, these trending photos of a Nigerian couple have once again brought hope.

The people who hold the belief that Nigerian parents are stiff and reluctant to accept change due to their beliefs, are in for a shocker as photos from the photoshoot of these Nigerian parents serving some ‘gbese’ dance moves, have since surfaced online.

In one of the photos, the man is seen doing the pose while in another, the couple display their gbese skills together. In yet another photo, the couple melt hearts as they lock gazes in a romantic way.

What is even more amazing is their son identified as @tosinshotit on Instagram, who is professional photographer and the same artist who captured the beautiful moments.

He shared the series of photos and captioned it: “My heart”

See more photos below:

In another news

There is no party like a Nigerian Wedding Party. Where apart from lots to eat and drink, is the diversity of culture and Beautiful people, and to top it all off, a great party.

Nigerian wedding parties are next to none, and that is why it portrays wedding guests being on their fun-having behaviour, letting loose and just having a great time.

This particular wedding was so much fun, and a bag of chips, as wedding guests on the dancefloor took off their wigs, as soon the music started hitting. Bridesmaids and even the Bride joined in on the fun.

Watch video below: