Stunning mansion! Wizkid’s house in Los Angeles (PHOTOS)


Do you know about Wizkid new house in Los Angeles? The singer’s mansion is stunning with its splendour! Have you any idea how much it costs? You will be shocked! See photos and read the details.

Wizkid new house in Los Angeles


For entertainers all over the world, buying a house in Los Angeles means joining the the big leagues. It means that you have enough money, enough opportunities, and certainly you have a high level of popularity.

About American stars, there is nothing to say. Upon reaching particular heights in show business, Los Angeles real estate is their ‘must have’. But when a foreign star buys a very expensive mansion, it causes a furore in his or her homeland.

Wizkid in his new house (Los Angeles)

Wizkid new house in Los Angeles, source:

Wizkid new house in Los Angeles

As soon as the musician wrote on his Instagram about buying a house in Los Angeles, this news grabbed the attention of his fans immediately. Let’s find out, more about Wizkid new house?

Although the first information about this stunning purchase came into the Internet in March 2016, the interest in Wizkid Californian real estate has not lost its relevance until now. If a singer is famous, every information about him would be highly sought after too. Money, expensive purchases, entertainment and relationships – all this is important for his fans.

Wizkid new house in California

Wizkid house in Los Angeles, photo from

Firstly, his music admirers were interested in the price of the luxurious mansion. Clearly, the magnificent three-story Wizkid house, built in a colonial style and large enough, has a decent price in the US real estate market. You can add to this a spacious backyard and a large outdoor pool, of course. Don’t forget a magnificent view, opening up to the house residents on the scenic surroundings of Los Angeles.

The journalists were run off their feet to find out how much Wizkid had paid for the house. But the singer did not reveal the secret. Paparazzi even found a realtor who helped the musician with the deal. But they also explored nothing with him. The only thing that mass media have learned is the order of prices for mansions in that area. So, the cost of such house varies between 10-15 million dollars. It’s good money investment, isn’t it?

Wizkid mansion


Wizkid new house with a swimming pool in Los Angeles


So, what is remarkable about this mansion? Let’s look at the pictures of Wizkid new house in Los Angeles.

The house is really impressive! It has three floors, many large windows, several entrances, and long staircases. The colour scheme of the mansion is a yellow sand tone. The white marble front staircase with columns and the same cornices at the doors and windows, as well as forged balconies and lanterns, adorn the house and give it a special charm. On the terraces and balconies of Wizkid house in Los Angeles, we can find some arched elements.

Wizkid new house with areas for recreation in Los Angeles

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At the house, there is a lot of greenery and a few open areas for recreation. Moreover, the large swimming pool with sun loungers is situated on a large backyard, closed from prying eyes. Every detail tells us that it’s nice to live and relax here.

Judging by the photos on the Internet, Wizkid has a good time with his friends in Los Angeles house. We wish artistic success and more inspiration to the famous singer!

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