Small Doctor escapes being lynched after he was accused of stealing “Cucumber” of a beggar whom he gave money (video)


Nigerian musician Small Doctor spoke of how he was nearly lynched after a beggar he had helped accused him of stealing his manhood.

The celebrity who was shaken by the event recounted how it went down between him and his accuser.


According to him, he had felt the urge to reach out to people recently so he went to the streets and started giving people money. In order to avoid the risk of being recognised, Small Doctor went out to the public without his usual security.

His good deeds were making positive impressions in the minds of as many until he met some boys who were sitting on the fence. He chatted with them, played jovially, and then, went on to give them some money.

As soon as he left them, he was attacked by these men who asked him clearly his motive behind giving them money. Baffled by the question, Small Doctor stared them in the face with a puzzled look.

Soon after that, one of the men claimed that his manhood had disappeared. Then, he pointed to the young singer and accused him of stealing his penis. In the middle of being accused, the singer was attacked by these men and he would have been lynched by them had the police not come to the rescue.

Disheartened by the insensitive act displayed by the men, Small Doctor told his fans that he intended to take the case up and give the men a taste of their own medicine. Nonetheless, he was grateful for life and for the lesson he had been brutally taught.

Video below:

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