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For many people, a friend is often someone who is there for you, one who celebrates with you, one who mourns with you and basically someone who would go the extra mile to see you happy. A story currently trending on social media however, proves not everyone who claims to be a friend is actually one.

A story as shared on relationship expert Joro’s page, shows how a lady is expressing her joy at her friend’s crashed marriage. According to her, the said friend made her fell less of a person simply because she wasn’t married.

She recounted how the friend turned her into a slave on her wedding day. However, the friend’s marriage came to an end as the husband has since brought in a younger woman. The single friend expressed her happiness at the fact that she and her friend are now mates once again.

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One word for this lady 🤔 . . Crdt – Joro

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Many social media users wasted no time in blasting the lady, calling her an evil friend.

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Lady rejoices as her friend's marriage crashes, says 'we are mates again'

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