As much as we would have loved not to review this issue, we simply cannot help not finding out the facts about this. As weighty as this issue is, you would find it totally delectable when we go through the pros and cons of this issue.

the cheapest and most expensive places to marry from

In Nigeria, marriage is definitely a big deal considering the kind of money and energy people invest into it to make it happen. That is the period where every bride gets to feel like a queen because of the way they are celebrated. It is usually a royal event and depending on how big the wedding is, you will be shocked to find the important dignitaries in the society there.

That being established, there are some tribes and places in Nigeria that are really expensive to marry from due to the requirements of the families within those localities. Men who want to marry from these places know what it means to propose to ladies who come from that axis. Here, popping the question is a serious issue as the guys have to make concrete plans before asking and raising the ladies’ hopes.

Even though guys pay a fortune to marry ladies from certain parts of Nigeria, we also have to note that most times, the guys treat the women better and respect them all though. The men who pay little or nothing before getting their wives however tend to misbehave most times as some of them think they have nothing to lose after all.

Let us quickly assess the cheapest and most expensive places to marry from in Nigeria, we would start from the most expensive parts and end with the cheapest. Find them below:

1. Eastern parts of Nigeria

the cheapest and most expensive places to marry from

Most of the states you will find in the eastern part of Nigeria charge a fortune when you want to marry their daughters.

If your love for the lady is not strong enough, you may have to speak to your legs and recite some incantations that would make you disappear from that gathering as soon as you are being shown the list of things to get.

These are places where almost everyone who has contributed to the growth of the lady you want to marry is taken care of in the list you will be given.

And just so you know they are being fair to you, most times they end up sharing those things as soon as you present them. Before you agree to marry a lady from that side, please work extra hard to save so you will not be filled with resentment after marriage.

Now that we have given you tips, it is up to you to identify the states in the eastern part of Nigeria. These people will tell you after collecting all the things on the list ‘Nna, we are not selling out our daughter ooo’.

2. South-south parts of Nigeria

the cheapest and most expensive places to marry from

This is another part of Nigeria that you can pick up an expensive bride from. Although the states in this zone are not as expensive as the states within the eastern part of Nigeria, you will be shocked to find out there are some families within the south-south areas that will bill you heavily before you marry their daughters.

Weddings in these parts of Nigeria are usually cultural and colorful. In order to enjoy the ceremony, try as much as possible not to think of the money you have spent in the process.  Some families are considerate though, they will be mild and help you reduce the list of things on the bridal list.

3. South western part of Nigeria

the cheapest and most expensive places to marry from

Welcome to the cheap zones; the states found within this part of Nigeria are relatively flexible. This means that you will find the classy and affordable brides here and also have the opportunity to get two for free. Yes, the scope here is buy one, get two for free.

That is bonanza! Some women do not get married in this part of the country yet they live like they are. Their parents see nothing wrong in them living with men and starting their lives there; things are done based on assumption in this region.

By the time you are seen twice or thrice with a girl, you are assumed to be her husband in the society. Irrespective of this, some families are stern and would not concur to you whisking their daughters away without doing it the appropriate way.

4. Northern parts

the cheapest and most expensive places to marry from

Northerners really make everything simple at their end, it is just the educated ones that may opt in for elaborate weddings for their daughters because they hold certain position in the society. Even at that, the couples sit on mats as they are taken through the marriage rituals.

This is a cool one as you do not have to worry about being charged for royal seats. This zone is similar to the south western part of Nigeria; you will always find a bride that suits your financial status.