In almost every part of the world, a manifest booklet is usually given passengers to fill while traveling. This is required in case the transport company needs to contact family members of any of their passenger.

A travel manifest booklet has gone viral on social media after the religious woman wrote Jesus as her next of kin. The woman also penned down a phone number after writing the name of her creator and this has left many wondering why someone can do such a thing.

The person who shared this post on social media captioned it: “While filling this stuff they give at the park when you are traveling, I saw someone fill Jesus as her next of kin.”

Lady lists Jesus as her next of kin while filing a travel manifest
Source: UGC

Going through Instagram reactions, one @official_sotipepple_zion disclosed that: “But my boyfriend’s name is Jesus and the last time I went to the park I put his name (Jesus) cos between him and my family members (he will react to an emergency that has to do with me faster). So what is this goat saying.

Also @jk_jakorev said that: “Idiot, she is a fool!! Colonial mentality can’t blame cause of her level of awareness.

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