Odunlade Adekola – How he became the richest Yoruba actor, Top facts about his success

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Yoruba actors have brought us a lot of spectacular movies, and of course, they are awarded for their hard work. Have you been wondering who is the richest Yoruba actor in Nigeria? You will find out the answer to your question right here! Read about the richest Yoruba actor and his biography!

Richest Yoruba actor

Who is the richest Yoruba actor? Only facts

According to multiple sources, the richest Yoruba film actor in Nigeria is 39-year-old Odunlade Adekola. His estimated net worth is $1.9 million. Aside being an outstanding actor, he is also a film-maker, director, producer, and singer. Here, you can read everything about his career and personal life.

Odunlade Adekola was born on the 31st of December, 1978. His native town is Abeokuta, which is the capital of Ogun State. However, his family comes from Ekiti State. He is the son of a pastor. He got his primary education at St.John’s Primary School and then studied at St.Peter’s College in Abeokuta. After passing his exams, he got into the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, there he completed his education and received a diploma.

The famous actor admitted that he got interested in acting since the very early age. He visited the Christ Apostolic Church in Abeokuta with his family quite often, and whenever some celebration was held at the church, he and his childhood friend Tunde would play jesters. The boys also wrote comedy scripts, involving only two of them. Later, his friend introduced him to the local theatre group which rehearsed not far from his house. This is how his fruitful career started, and every year he moved closer and closer to his dream to star in famous movies.

By the way, his parents supported his choice and gave him their full support. Odunlade Adekola is certain that his parents played a key role in the development of his career because they were with him all the time. One of his uncles did not support his career choice, but now he watches all his movies.

Odunlade Adekola

Acting Odunlade Adekola – photo from Nigeriafilms.com

Before acting, he enjoyed singing and composing music. His acting career officially began in 1996, when he became a part of the Association of Nigeria Theatre Arts and got under the protection of the famous Nollywood actor Isola Durojaiye, who was also known under the name Alasari. This actor brought out the best in him and helped to develop his endless potential. In 1998, he finally received a role in his first movie. Many Yoruba actors, for instance, Adebayo Salami, Taiwo Hassan, and Lere Paimo praised the talent of young Odunlade. He started acting professionally in 2005, and in 2007 he became famous all over Nigeria.

Since then, Odunlade Adekola has featured in more than 100 Yoruba movies. He has also won numerous awards for his amazing acting talent, including winning Best Actor of the Year on City People Entertainment Awards and African Magic Movie Award almost every year. By the way, he became popular among meme lovers because of his amazing facial expressions. He already won the hearts of Yoruba people and entire Nigeria, and he is not planning to stop.

Currently, Odunlade Adekola resides in Abeokuta, his native town. He stated that he does not want to move to Lagos because he remains devoted to his home and wants to continue his peaceful life in Abeokuta. Also, he is currently studying Business Administration course at the University of Lagos, and he says that his decision is supported by the fact that everyone, including the famous actors, needs proper education because it is important and will help you in life. He is also a devoted Christian, as well as his family, and believes that praying to God will carry him through hardships.


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As for Odunlade Adekola’s personal life, the actor is happily married to Ruth Adekola. They met in 2003 and immediately fell in love. They got married the same year, and they are still going strong. Odunlade and Ruth have four wonderful sons. The famous actor says that his boys want to follow his steps and become actors, even though they have another hobby – playing football. Either way, they are still young and have plenty of time to make their decisions.

There were a lot of rumors about Odunlade Adekola’s affairs with other women. For instance, the media linked him with his good friend and protégé – young actress Bukola Adeeyo and even suggested the possibility that he might be the father of her baby.

However, both parties denied these rumors. Odunlade Adekola says that negative reports do not bother him, since they always circulate around someone who is famous, and his family does not pay much attention to various rumors about him because they know him well. Judging from various photos and posts on his social media, he truly loves his wife and family and is faithful to them.

Who are the other rich Yoruba actors?

As the various ratings are telling us, among the other well-paid Yoruba actors are Femi Adebayo, Olaniyi Afonja, Wale Akorede Okunnu, and Muyiwa Ademola. Except that, there are many rich female Yoruba actresses, like Funke Akindele, Dayo Amusa, Mercy Aigbe, Fethia Balogun, and Iyabo Ojo. However, Odunlade Adekola is number one on the richest actors list.

Richest Yoruba actor Odunlade Adekola

The richest Yoruba actor Odunlade Adekola – photo from kemifilani.com

Now you know who is the richest among Yoruba actors. We wish success, new projects, and love to Odunlade Adekola and his family.