A Twitter user took to sharing a hilarious story that has got many Nigerians tossing in laughter ever since. The man identified as @Tife_fabunmi on the mini blogging site was equally cracked up about the event. As narrated by him, a friend of his took to organising a surprise birthday party for his girlfriend. What happened in the event caused him to regret his action.

According to @Tife_fabunmi, the lit surprise party formed the perfect platform for another boyfriend of the girl to propose to his friend’s bae. During the event, another man who was totally different from the person who had organised the occasion went down on his knees and popped the question.

Even more, the lady who was being celebrated did not claim to have a boyfriend or something like that, she simply said yes. Apparently, she must have been dating this other person for a long time while also courting the individual who had organised the party for her.

The Twitter user who shared this story said he had been trying to comfort his friend for a long while now but he is way too shrouded in sadness to mind anybody.

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Nigerians have reacted to this bizarre incident in the most hilarious of ways. While many sympathised with this friend, they could not help but burst out laughing as the event seemed really funny to them.

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