Nigerians have been known to be very openly religious as they prefer to do negative things in secret rather than to the full glare of others.

An average Nigerian does not joke with religious matters or objects that have religious significance.

However, a Nigerian slay queen has been spotted dancing with a strip pole at what appears to be a club.

What made the photos questionable is not only because she danced with a pole but the unnamed lady was also scantily clad while wearing a hijab.

See the photos below:

As expected, Nigerians had series of reactions to the photos. See some comments below:

b_cruz1: Hijab na normal wears. I don’t know why people think it’s the symbol of Islam… It’s the same thing as we borrowed shirt and trouser from the western world. Nothing is special about hijab

ronikfab: Dat doesn’t make her a Muslim

naijerotica: No let that MURIC Guy see am ohhh Everybody na hypocrite last last

adetayo.michael: Well that doesn’t make her a Muslim… I’m a Christian though

toothfairygoddess: She is just living her life…abeg make una free her..

ibraheem_ace: This is what we call slay alhaja

mistar_shegzy: Calm down nah. She’s just enjoying her life nah

domingo_loso: Omo Alajah omo wobe

wendybolss1057: Lmaooooo. Alajah to jasi

_iamj.jacobs: Lmao. Una never see anything come to the north and see four legs under hijab for corner. Na them do pass, Na them carry expo pass Na them be the oga kpatakpata.

Nawa o. The internet remains undefeated in showcasing strange things.