Nigerians now enjoying 24-hour power supply under Buhari – Fashola says, Internet users attack him


Nigeria’s Minister of Power, Babatunde Fashola who spoke on the Sunrise Daily programme of Channels Television on Wednesday, disclosed that Nigerians are now enjoying 24-hours supply under Buhari.

According to the Minister, the transmission capacity has grown and the figure was about 8,100 watts as at December 2018. Fashola stated that Nigerians are now enjoying 24-hours power supply under Buhari due to the increase in the transmission capacity.

“Sitting down here I can tell you some states that have almost 24 hours – Kebbi, Yobe. Some have five, some have 10 and there are still outages,” he said.

“The generation capacity is also increasing. It is a value chain where the distribution is not matching up the available power and from time to time, there are slacks.

“The short term goals are incremental power and stable supply in some places. The government has decided that as 40 per cent holder of everything in the distribution of power, we have our programme to invest N72 billion which will involve installing transformers and all of that,” he said.

“We created a metre access provider regulation. What it does is to create a new plan of investment programme. We manufacture, produce, supply and install metres and fill the gap the distribution companies cannot raise capital to fill. They cannot do so alone, they must do so under a procurement policy with the distribution company. We are applying many solutions at the same time. So when we were talking about how much megawatts is being used, we have created a new page which will bring solution,” he added.

Consequently, Nigerians while reacting have knocked him with some asking him to be more specific by naming the states.