A social media user recently has startled members of the online community after giving an account of a bizarre experience that was related to her by her mother.

The user identified as Chef Ene, shared a series of posts on Twitter in which she narrated how her mum relayed a scary story of a distant relative who was steered to wake up in the middle of the night for prayers, by the holy spirit.

After the prayer session, the woman took a short trip to their sitting room and was totally left bewildered by the sight that met her, after seeing her husband, who is a pastor, in a state of half-human, half snake.

“My mom just gave me gist that’s making me shiver. Apparently one of our distant relatives woke up one night because the Holy Spirit told her to pray. After praying She went to the parlour and saw her husbands head with the body of a snake! And he’s a pastor that has a church!” she said.

In a following tweet, she narrated that after the man morphed back into a complete human form, he came after his wife with the intention of killing her with a knife.

She said the woman left the house the next day, and the pastor wasted no time in selling off all her properties and returning her bride price.

”After he morphed back to a complete human being he came to attack her with a knife. She has to beg for her life. She left the house the next day and pastor dearest sold all her properties and returned her bride price. What’s bursting my head is that he has a church Jehovah.” Ene said.

See her tweets below: