Using what you have to get what you want is a strategy that is as old as humanity. And with the world becoming more and more complex, women in Africa are looking to spiritual charms to entice men into giving them the material things they need.

In a video recently uploaded by @celebritiesbuzz, one merchant responsible for marketing and selling of these spiritual charms, explained that it is only fair that women play on their sensuality in relationships with men.

She explained that all her charms do is to put its female users in a place to give constant and heightened pleasure to their partners.

The merchant in whose shop women had lined up to purchase the charms said: “If you have s*x with a man and you know he is rich, you use it. It is just the sweetness and normal herbs. It (the charm) upgrades your “tonga”, placing it above that of the average woman.”

New video shows women lining up for 'charms' that make men go 'gaga' in bed

Women lining up for ‘charms’ that make men go ‘gaga’ in bed
Source: Celebritiesbuzz/Instagram
Source: Instagram