My wedding is in a few days but I am not in love with him – Lady still in love with my Ex and I want to run away with him – Please Advice


Have you ever been in love with someone your family members do not want for you then force you to marry someone else? Well, that is the case of a soon-to-be bride who has cried out on social media.

Love can sometimes put one in difficult situations especially when your mind is with someone but you are forced to be with another.


Nigerian families are often very involved in the love life of its members that choosing a partner eventually becomes a household decision even if the subject is not happy with it.

An unidentified Nigerian lady has sought for the advice of internet users on how to handle her dilemma.

My wedding is in few days but I want to run away with my ex - Lady cries out

My wedding is in few days but I want to run away with my ex – Lady cries out
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According to a post shared by Cynthia Valerian Raphaels on Facebook, the unnamed lady revealed that she is getting married in a few days’ time but she does not love her intended groom.

The lady explained that she is thinking of calling off the wedding to run away with her ex-lover and also cut communication with her siblings seeing as their parents are dead.

Giving an explanation for her decision, the soon-to-be bride revealed that she has known her ex for seven years and he is the love of her life. She added that her ex asked her to marry him but her family rejected it and she even had to abort his child.

However, another man asked for her hand in marriage and her family members were pleased with him, so she agreed. Despite the bride price being paid and the traditional marriage set for April 22, the lady is now considering running away with her former boyfriend.

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Let’s look into this!

Good morning ma
Please I need your urgent advice. My white and traditional wedding is set for Monday which is April 22. But I am thinking of running away and cutting every relationship with my siblings (Our parents died when I was four months old). I am still in love with my ex,he is the love of my life. I have known him for 7 years. He was my backbone in school. He came last year to ask for my hand in marriage but my family rejected him and I betrayed him by following what my brother said. He begged and begged but I didn’t listen to him. I had to abort his child I was carrying at that time. A man came to ask for my hand in marriage this year January, my brother and his wife convinced me to marry him.The new man is from my state but I don’t love him and he still depend on his family. They came and paid my bride price this January. I don’t know who else to talk to… I don’t know what else to do I have been crying since Sunday that I saw my ex. I am falling apart.

Some Nigerians on the social networking site are of the opinion that a failed relationship is better than a failed marriage while others feel she should not have let her intended pay her bride price.

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Nawa o.

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