Mikel Obi and 2face Idibia: who is richer? Here is their Net worth, Several Luxury Cars, Mansions & More (PICS)


Mikel Obi and 2face are both very successful in their individual fields; Mikel has made significant progress in developing his sports career, while 2face is one of the most popular musicians in Nigeria. Many people have tried to compare their net worths in an attempt to figure out which one of them is richer; if you are one of such people, then this article holds the answer to your question.

Mikel Obi and 2face Idibia- who is richer?

To understand who is richer between 2face and Mikel Obi, we should first analyze the net worth of each of them.

Mikel Obi net worth

This wealthy footballer plays for Chelsea football club, an English team which is well known to football fans around the world. He is a midfielder and also a member of the Nigerian national team.

  • He receives income from not only his sporting activities, but also from doing business with famous companies like Samsung and Pepsi.
  • In 2017, he was named the richest footballer in Nigeria.
  • His net worth is estimated to be about $25m, some sources even claim the correct amount is $30m.
  • He earns $6m annually.
  • Mikel does not talk about how much he makes in a week, but this is not so difficult to figure; going by rumors, he makes between $75,000 – $110,000 weekly. This estimate was made according to information journalists gathered from interviews, websites and other sources.

mikel obi

The income of a sports celebrity can be directly affected by factors such as losses and profits stemming from investments, taxes and family expenses; therefore, it is possible that the statistics of his net worth is not entirely accurate.

Thanks to many years of playing for Chelsea FC, Mikel has become a very rich man capable of buying a luxury home in London.

In addition, he drives chic cars which is truly impressive. He owns several expensive models like Bentley Continental GT, Range Rover Sport, Black Mercedes G 500 and Mercedes G Wagon.

Mikel currently lives in London where he works with Chelsea, he also has houses in Lagos and Abuja. Fans do not get tired of discussing how much properties he owns on the internet, and are always eager to see photos of them.

mikel obi car

2face net worth

2faсe is a talented producer and performer, as well as a gifted businessman. This celebrity also boasts of luxury real estate and cars. His music has earned him the adoration of millions of fans and a lot of money.

2face owns a mansion in Lagos, in addition, there is information that he bought 2 more houses in this region which were built by one of the most famous developers in Nigeria – The Haven homes. The houses built by this company are usually endowed with centralized alarm systems, audio systems and automated light switches.

The homes of this musician are located in the most luxurious areas of the city, like Lekki, Banana Island and Magodo. His homes also possess fashionable amenities to guarantee absolute comfort.


When discussing 2face’s cars, it is worth mentioning that one of them, which is a Chevrolet Corvette Coupe, was given to him as a wedding gift from a popular Nigerian politician. The cost of such a car is approximately between $70,000 – $110,000.

2face’s net worth is estimated to be about $22.5m. Not every musician can achieve such remarkable success, so he deserves sincere respect.

2face idibia

John Obi Mikel and 2face: who is richer?

If the information on the income of the two celebrities is true, it means that Mikel Obi is richer than 2face Idibia, although they are approximately on the same level. Each of them earn money using their God given talents and making good investments. Let us wish both of them successes in their different career paths!