Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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    Touching Story! Mentally ill girl who speaks correctly found at bus stop in Enugu, needs help to locate her family (PHOTO)

    Mental health is a serious issue affecting many Nigerians and those who are helpless take to the streets to live their lives.

    It is not new to see raggedy looking men or ladies who are mentally ill living at bus stops and other unhealthy locations. However it is more surprising to see people who seem to be in their correct state of mind living this way.

    Strange things happen in parts of the world and some people have started living on the streets for reasons unknown to them.

    A concerned Nigerian identified as Comfort Ephraim reached out to Legit to help publicise the story of a young girl, Nkechinyere, who appears lost and mentally ill seeing as she has been staying at her bus stop for some time.

    Woman shares sad story of mentally ill lady at her bus stop in Enugu who speaks good English
    Source: Facebook

    However, what makes her story strange is the fact that she seems aware of where she is from but cannot explain how she got to her present location.

    According to Comfort, she and two of her neighbours have questioned Nkechinyere as to why she camps at the bus stop and she revealed that she is from Anambra state, Onitsha to be precise.

    She also added that she was on her way to Awka but cannot explain how she got to Enugu.

    Comfort revealed to Legit that she is concerned that Nkenchiyere might face terrible things in the hands of hoodlums at night as she also added that she would try her best to keep the girl from rummaging in the dustbin for what to eat.

    “Her name is Nkechinyere from Anambra State, Onitsha to be specific. She said she was on her way to Awka but can’t explain how she got to Enugu.

    This girl is really really young and my heart bleeds everytime I imagine what she’ll be going through every night in the hand of hoodlums.

    Meanwhile, we ll try our best to keep her from rummaging through dustbins for food”, she said.

    The well-meaning lady also called for help for the young girl from charitable Nigerians.

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