Here, we’ll tell you about Liz Anjorin daughter. A few years ago it became known that talented Yoruba actress gave birth to a child at a young age. It was a secret for several years and we prepared for you all the known information about this story, so read on to know more.

Liz Anjorin and daughter


The story of Liz Anjorin and her daughter

Liz Anjorin is famous Yoruba actress, and fans were very surprised when in an interview in 2011 she confessed that she has a 9-year-old daughter. The information about Liz Anjorin daughter was hidden from the public. In a frank interview, Liz Anjorin said that she got pregnant at a young age from her school boyfriend. and the parents urged her to keep the baby.

The information about Liz Anjorin daughter became known almost accidentally. The interviewer wanted to know who is older Liz Anjorin, or Iyabo Ojo. Lizzy told that she is older, but interviewer noted that Iyabo Ojo has two children of ten and seven years old. After this notion, Lizzy quickly answered that she actually has a nine years old daughter.

In the same interview, Liz said that the father of her daughter died when the child was about three months old. The name of Liz’s daughter is Rotimi Anjorin.

Liz Anjorin


These were a very hard time in the life of Liz Anjorin, she lived in poor conditions. Sometimes, together with her mother, they looked for food on the streets. When future actress gave birth to her daughter, the situation became even harder. Because of her status of a young single mother, even her brother refused her.

Because of this situation Liz was forced to leave her baby, she said:

It was a lonely and hard life as I lived from one place to the other… I left my baby at one year old and never saw her until she was ten.

Liz tried to keep in secret the fact that she has a daughter, even when she became a known actress. Most celebrities like to show their children in media, but Lizzy believes that her daughter should not be just a child of somebody, she has to became somebody. That is why we didn’t see photos of Rotimi earlier, but fortunately, in recent years photos of star’s daughter were made public.

Rotimi Anjorin


Elizabeth Anjorin is an actress, director, producer and entrepreneur. She has already produced more than six movies, and starred in many successful Yoruba movies, for example, Ise Onise, Arewa Ejo, Owowunmi and so on. Liz has a fashion store and four cars, she is an example of a strong woman who overcame many difficulties, and reached her dream. See also: Is Ngozi Ezeonu married?

Now Liz Anjorin daughter age is 16 years old. Recently we saw a new photo from the vocation of Liz in New York. She was there with her teenage daughter, and it seems like they spend a great time together.

Liz and daughter


Fans were happy when Lizzy shared a photo of daughter’s birthday celebration. Here we have the photo from celebration at Oriental Hotel on 7th June 2015.

Birthday celebration


As we can see, the mother and daughter have a good relationship, they like to spend time together, and fans are happy that Liz shares new photos of her daughter.