Lagos state is definitely not a place for the fainthearted. It is filled with several Nigerians who go about trying to earn a living. Whether it is a legitimate living is another matter entirely.

Individuals are often warned to be at alert when on the streets of Lagos owing to the number of criminals looking for whom to dupe.

We recently gathered the report of a young thief who was apprehended after he stole someone’s phone.

According to reports, the man had jumped into the lagoon after snatching a phone from an unsuspecting passenger in Lagos traffic.

Unfortunately for the criminal, he could not swim and he eventually had to be rescued by passersby.

One of his rescuers even threatened to push him back into the lagoon after the phone was recovered, but he was cautioned by people who told him to let the police handle the matter.

Thief reportedly jumps into Lagos lagoon after snatching phone in traffic

See the video below: