On Tuesday, July 9, a woman took to social media to share a video of her bae popping the big question. The lady, who has been identified by her Twitter handle as @TheJazzyType, detailed their love story.

“This began when I was 14 and he was 17. At 16, I gave birth to our now nine-year-old son. Fast forward, I just graduated with my MPH & he is a practicing Attorney in Louisiana. This journey wasn’t easy, but this was always the plan #Mathews #GodsWill,” she wrote.

The video went viral, reaching over 2.23 million views since it was published on Tuesday. We gathered that although some congratulated them on their engagement, a lot of social media users debated their age difference when they started dating.

Twitter user, @_negrophobia, commented: “She had really had hoped for this to sound sweet but baby I am so sorry that grown as’s man took your youth from you and had you believing what most of these fools down below are preaching about.”

Another tweep, @Lifeon_Marz, wrote: “So a 20-year-old got you pregnant at 16? That’s… weird.”

Meanwhile, Ghanaian counselor, Dr. Mrs Charlotte Oduro, has stated that women who do plastic surgery and bleach their skin are not wife materials.

Dr Oduro who was being interviewed stated that such women have lost their self esteem and as such cannot last in marriage.