It is no news that there is a growing movement of critics focused on exposing fake religious leaders who hide under the guise of religion to cheat their trusting followers. This story brought to like by Facebook user, Charles Awuezi, is no different.

According to the post which he put up, a yet-to-be-identified man cried out for help after he was allegedly scammed by a prophet who collected the sum of N10m in the name of seed sowing.

Awuezi’s post further revealed that immediately the man discovered he had been scammed, he tried contacting the prophet who was said to be avoiding him. The man who recently got married stated he first paid N5,000,000 few days before his wedding and after his wedding, paid over N3,000,000 on the demands of the prophet.

Awuezi shared his conversation with the victim: “I spoke on the phone with the victim this morning…. I was almost in tears to hear that few days to the victim’s wedding, the prophet allegedly asked him to withdraw all the money in his bank account and sow to him as seed which the victim obeyed… That money was over 3 million naira and it was the last money in his account…

So on the day he got married, he had nothing left to start a home… Again, when he was about traveling to Germany, the same prophet asked him to sow 5 million naira out of which he sowed another 3 million naira… His demand is only for the last 3 million naira he sowed because it was the money meant for his mother’s house… He has also paid the prophet’s rent etc… His eyes opened when he got broke and Prophet Solomon Oziegbe started avoiding him.”

Awuezi further revealed that a representative of the prophet and was told that the money would be returned. Based on this new development, Charles Awuzie gave the prophet an ultimatum of 48 hours to return the money or face being exposed.

A woman, claiming to be German, has talked about a scam she has had to endure from a Ghanaian man for whom she developed romantic feelings over a period interacting online. The lady revealed that it all started when they both met on a singles platform.

The two apparently clicked because according to the German, it was not long before the Ghanaian started speaking of love.