Social media has always been a platform for many to show off portions of their lives. The implication of showing off too much, however, lies in the fact that there are social media bullies, who are always on the lookout for a prey.

A Twitter user identified as @omohteee12, recently took to the micro blogging platform to share the news of her latest achievement with her followers.

The lady posted pictures with a brand new car, and revealed that it was the latest addition to her properties, and also a reward for her hard work.

Many had taken under the post to congratulate her on the purchase of the automobile, but little did she know, that there was someone lurking in the corner and patiently waiting to rain on her parade. See the lady’s tweet below:

Reacting to the news, another user on the same platform identified as @ItsAlhaji, went on to share a photo of the lady who was celebrating her new car.

According to him, he had boarded the same public transport with her on the same day she had made the announcement of her new automobile.

See his tweets below:

Another tweet on the lady’s timeline, however, shows her cruising around in the same car she claimed to have purchased.

See her tweet below: