Man allegedly receives baby food with pieces of broken glass in it from family friend (VIDEO)


A man has cried out on social media after he found pieces of broken glass inside his son’s baby food. The concerned father was seen removing the pieces of broken glass from the food one by one into a plate.

It was gathered that the baby food was given to the family for their son by a family friend. The man revealed that the family friend is a customer of his that gave them the baby food as gift.


In a video that surfaced online, the man was heard explaining to people how they got the baby food. He noted that the woman had even told his wife that she was going to give her husband a gift for their 5-month-old baby.

Pieces of broken glass

Pieces of broken glass found inside baby food gifted to father
Source: Ijeoma Daisy
Source: Instagram

According to him, he had told his wife not to give their son the baby food because the last one the woman gave them had made the baby throw up.

The man explained that he had noticed that his baby does not like the food. He also revealed that the woman had told them to mix the food with another product.

In the video, the man was seen picking out the broken glasses from the baby food. Big and small particles of broken glass were removed one at a time from the powder like food.

Watch video below:

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