Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo’s houses: whose is better? (PHOTOS/VIDEO)


Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the two greatest football superstars of our time. No wonder that the fans constantly compare these two players, and not only on the pitch but also in real life. Checkout Messi house vs Ronaldo house! Who has a better house, Lionel or Cristiano? You decide for yourself!

Messi vs Ronaldo


Messi vs Ronaldo, photo from

Messi and Ronaldo: why is there a rivalry between them?

These phenomenal footballers have five Ballon d’Ors each, and they are widely considered to be the best players of this generation. Both Messi and Ronaldo have scored over 600 goals for their clubs and countries throughout their careers, and they can easily score 50 goals per season.

Even though Messi and Ronaldo are not enemies in real life, and they both respect each other, they have huge fanbases who argue all the time about who is better.

So, here is another comparison of these two great footballers. Which one is better – Messi house or Ronaldo house? Or maybe you like both of them? Feel free to discuss this in the comments.

Messi house vs Ronaldo house

Messi house vs Ronaldo house, photo from

Lionel Messi’s house

Since Lionel Messi was professionally raised in the FC Barcelona, he has spent the most of his life in the city of Barcelona. Messi is one of the richest celebrities in the world, so of course, he can afford the luxuries of life. Let us take a look at his house and see what is it like to be a football legend of our time.

Lionel Messi lives in the small region called Bellamar, which is a prestigious and expensive suburban area of Castelldefels, located in Barcelona. Usually, the houses in Bellamar cost millions of dollars. Many footballers have purchased houses there, and since they settled down in Bellamar, the expensiveness and prestige of the area rose even higher. This region is situated in 20 km from the football stadium “Camp Nou” and the training base, where the footballers of FC Barcelona train every day.

Messi house

Messi house, photo from

Messi bought this house in 2009, and he spent 1.8 million euro on it. The football player decided to renovate the place, so he invested about 6 million euro on repairs and design. You can see the beautiful Catalan hills from this house, as well as the Mediterranean beach. It has a lot of open terraces and huge windows for viewing pleasure.

The interior is also decorated in the Mediterranean style – it has the light walls, as well as wooden floors. As we see, Messi prefers the light pastel colors, because the general color scheme of the house is brown and beige – the floors are beige, while the furniture is brown. The sofas in the house are mostly dark gray and dark brown. The house also has a gym, where Messi can always stay fit.

The mansion of a football legend is surrounded by the beautiful garden. Lionel likes spending time in the garden with his family – his lovely wife Antonella and their sons Thiago (6), Mateo (3) and Cyrus (four months). The Messi family also has two dogs.

Speaking of his children, Lionel Messi built a little playground for the boys, as well as a small football pitch and a swimming pool. They also have a terrace on the outside, which includes a barbecue and dining area.

Messi with family in the garden

Messi with his family in the garden, photo from

For a while, Messi had very noisy neighbors living next door. In 2013, his neighbors were renting out a house, and people who occupied this house often threw loud parties, which bothered Lionel and his family. Messi tried to build a wall between the houses, but his neighbors threatened to sue him. In the end, he bought their house to stop the constant discomfort.

Lionel Messi also had a conflict with the Barcelona El-Prat airport, of which president wanted to expand the flying capacity by adding a new runway, but then found out that the airplanes cannot fly over Messi’s house, which is situated only in 10 km from the airport. It was publicly announced that the project was declined because of environmental limitations in Castelldefels, but the airport management was convinced that the restriction was connected with Messi. Lionel himself refused to make any comments on this matter and the airport management apologized to the player for creating a media conflict around him.

Lionel Messi’s round house: is it real?

If you search for Messi’s house on Google, there will be a lot of results which depict the football ball-shaped house. Many posts on the web are devoted to the description of this unusual mansion. However, the website barcelonacheckin in one of their posts claims that this is fake information, and Messi is not the owner of this house. They even provide as the evidence the quote of Messi’s father who denied that his son owns the football-shaped home, saying that this building does not belong to them, and neither he nor his son knows who lives there. As well as they have no idea of architect who designed the One Zero Eco House for Messi.

Surely, Lionel Messi leads a luxurious life in his expensive mansion. After all, he fully deserves to be rich and successful, because his football talents are out of this world.

The fake Messi house

The fake Messi house, photo from

Cristiano Ronaldo’s house

The home of the former Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo, is very stylish. Currently, he lives in Madrid, even though he is planning to move soon due to his contract with the Italian football club Juventus. Cristiano often shares photos of his home on his Instagram page. According to the insiders, the size of his house is 8,600 foot, and the worth of it is 4.8 million pounds. The house has a total of seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms. It also contains a trophy room, where Cristiano puts all of his trophies that he earned in his years of hard work on the football pitch.

Ronaldo house

Ronaldo’s house

Cristiano lives in this house together with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez and his four children Cristiano Junior (8), Eva and Matteo (1), and Alana Martina (8 months).

Cristiano Ronaldo house inside has a gorgeous front door, which has the initials of the footballer carved on the metal. There is a wooden panel, giving a contrast with the door’s dark coloring. He also has a peaceful statue of Buddha on the ground. The hallway of the footballer’s house is incredibly elegant – the flooring and stairs are made of marble. Cristiano has large photographs on the wall with golden frames, where he is pictured together with his son Cristiano Junior and his prestigious Ballon D’Or trophies.

Ronaldo and his family

Ronaldo and his family, photo from

Cristiano Ronaldo also has a relaxing lounge area in the house. This area is decorated with a lot of flowers and souvenirs. In addition, the expensive chandelier and candelabra complete the look of the room. There is a comfortable sofa in this room, where he often relaxes with Georgina and their children. The black-white photos of the football legend with his son make the wall more lively. He also has another lounge area in his home, which contains comfortable chairs, a stylish table, and a painting of Cristiano Ronaldo’s late father Jose Dinis Aveiro. Cristiano’s father passed away when the footballer was only 20 years old, and the cause of death was liver failure.

Of course, the football legend has a nursery for his youngest babies, which is decorated in pastel coloring. The room is mostly white, with some blue and pink cushions on the bed, and the grey carpet.

For the athlete like Cristiano Ronaldo, who can not live a day without exercising, there is a gym. His oldest son Cristiano Junior sometimes exercises with him. And obviously, there is a swimming pool with Jacuzzi in the backyard, where the footballer’s family and friends can enjoy the warmth of Spanish days on comfortable beds with cozy cushions. And finally, there is an outdoor lounge and a garden – the perfect place for playing a game of football together with his son.

However, since Cristiano Ronaldo is moving to Italy, his house will be up for sale soon, and he will be searching for a new one in Turin. There are reports about his new house, but none of them was confirmed yet, so we probably will see the sneak peeks of his Italian home on Instagram as the season progresses. Cristiano recently posted a photo with Georgina in front of a building that looks like their new house. In the meantime, while Cristiano and his family are getting used to the Italian life, his old mansion is waiting for its new owner.

You have seen the exciting pictures of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo’s houses. So, whose is better? In our humble opinion, the houses of both football stars are gorgeous, luxurious, and designed with taste. You can see even more details about their houses in the video below!


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