A video is currently making rounds in the online community that shows a lady sharing her secret means of extorting money from guys.

In the video, the unidentified lady could be seen with a high stack of several wads of cash laid out in front of her as she addressed fellow women on how they can also become rich.

According to her, the source of her wealth is from what she described as an attraction perfume. She said when ladies apply the perfume, it fetches them good luck and favor especially from the male folks.

She went to add that ladies who wear the perfume will instantly attract the attention of men when they step out into the public.

“When you use this attraction perfume, it is going to give you favor and good luck. Whatever you want, you are going to get it.” she said.

Explaining further on the potency of her enchanted perfume, the lady disclosed that it had the power to make men part with their money even without a lady asking for it.

See the video below:

Meanwhile, we gathered the report of a Nigerian woman who shared the story of how she abandoned her husband at a police checkpoint. According to her, she was driving behind her man while they were headed home.

However, when he was flagged down by the police for a vehicle search, she zoomed off all the way home instead of waiting to support him.