A Nigerian man has cried out on social media after he lost his sister to the cold hands of death. The man identified as Obinna Friday had taken to Facebook to narrate how his sister lost her life after childbirth.

The man explained that his sister had gone into labour at around 8:20pm on Tuesday, May 14. He narrated how she delivered her baby safely, but died hours later.

According to the man, some evil men in his village had alleged;y planted a charm in front of their house. He claimed that the charm is something called Aja.

Friday alleged that his sister had started to loose blood thirty minutes after she delivered an claimed that the blood loss occurred around the time the people planted Aja in front of their house.

The greiving man explained that his sister had lost her life around 12:45am on Wednesday, May 15. On his post, Friday shared a photo of his sister alongside the alleged charm. He also prayed that her soul rest in peace.

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