Ladies!! Checkout These Two Stunning Ways to Tie your Bridal Gele – Step by Step Guide (VIDEO)

Bridal Gele

A wedding is an important step in every woman’s life. All women want to look stunning on their big day, especially during the traditional wedding. But what do you do if you do not know how to tie gele? Don’t worry, we will teach you the art of gele tying. Learn how to tie bridal gele in our gele tutorial. Choose the best style that will work for you!

How to tie bridal gele?

What is gele?

bridal gele

In case you do not know, gele is a traditional Nigerian head tie. A lot of women wear it on a day-to-day basis, but others only do it on special occasions. Among those occasions is, of course, a traditional wedding ceremony.

A traditional gele is usually made out of firm bright-patterned fabrics. The cloth is meant to cover the woman’s hair and ears, exposing only the earlobes. Some women like to wear gele that match the rest of the outfit, while others choose to go for a contrasting head tie. Gele also goes well with large earrings and other accessories.

Useful tips on how to tie bridal gele

How to tie bridal gele

To be fair, the way you tie bridal gele is not much different from the usual technique. Most often, the main difference is the quality and colours of the fabrics, as well as the size and volume of the gele. Large and voluminous geles are the most appropriate ones for such important occasions as weddings.

You see:

There are many gele styles out there. Every woman can pick and choose among different ways of how to tie head tie. As many women already know how to tie sego gele, which is small and usually more appropriate for everyday wear, we decided to go in a different direction. Below, you can find a tutorial on how to tie gele with layers in front, as well as a little surprise for those who stick to the end of the article.


How to tie gele: step by step guide

beautiful gele

Step 1. Start by putting your hair up in a ponytail or a tight knot. You do not want it to get in the way. You can also cover it with a wig cap or cut pantyhose to avoid unnecessary sliding.

Step 2. Fold the end of your gele that is going to be your front. It will look much smoother and neater.

Step 3. Wrap the gele around your head, going back to front in the direction of your forehead. Make sure that the front ends are of equal length.

beautiful gele

Step 4. Take the left side of the gele and wrap it around your head all the way back to the left ear. Then take the other side, cross it to the left and wrap it around the head to the back. Hold it tight with your hands and make sure the gele is really close to your head.

Step 5. Start creating folds and layers. Form a fan shape in the middle by squeezing the ends. The part that is closest to you should be long enough to hold. Do the same to the other side.

beautiful gele

Step 6. Secure the gele by tying the ends into a double knot and tuck in the loose fabric.

Step 7. Right now, you should have two layers on the top of your gele. Arrange the back first. The highest point should be right in the middle of the whole thing.

Step 8. Arrange the front part by carefully forming the pleats and lines with your fingers.

Step 9. Push your gele as far back as you deem fit, but try not to push it too far. It might accidentally fall off your head. You should also pay attention to the ears, so as not to pull them out.


Step 10. Adjust the gele to your liking and you are good to go!

This tutorial is fairly easy, however, you might want to ask someone to help you out. Even if you are a pro at tying gele, you should still ask your friends if the gele looks OK in places you cannot see. That said, if you have done all the steps correctly, by this point, you should end up with a gorgeous gele on your head.

But wait, there is more:

Continue reading to learn how to tie Ankara gele with infinite pleats. It is the hottest trend of the season!


Latest way to tie gele

beautiful gele

In addition to the more traditional way of tying a bridal gele, we wanted to offer you an alternative method. It is called the infinity gele, but some people also call it the 3D gele, as it looks very large and beautiful. For this method, you will need at least 5 meters of fabric to achieve the infinite look.

Here is how you do it:

Step 1. Prepare your hair by tying it in a knot/bun/ponytail.

beautiful gele

Step 2. Take your Ankara fabric and start creating pleats by holding the fabric between two outstretched hands and folding it with your fingers.

Step 3. Continue folding until you have 10-11 pleats. Make sure there is still some fabric left at the end.

Step 4. Put the pleated fabric close to your head, making sure that one side is longer than the other. Adjust it if needed to put the pleats closer to each other.

beautiful gele

Step 5. Grab your longer side, put it under the shorter side and wrap it around your head all the way to the opposite ear.

Step 6. Lay the fabric flat on your head and start creating pleats on this new layer. You can do that by placing your thumb at the back of the fabric and running it along to create the desired folds. Continue pleating until you run out of fabric.

Step 7. When you are done, wrap it all the way around your head and repeat the process described in the previous step.

beautiful gele

Step 8. Continue repeating the previous two steps until there is almost nothing left of your fabric. The longer your fabric is, the bigger your gele is going to get.

Step 9. To secure your gele, take the end you have not used in the process and tie it with the fabric you have left from the other end.

Step 10. If you want, you can also use pins to secure the loose fabric or to hide your hair and the knot at the back. And your Infinity gele is ready! Your friends will definitely be jealous of your gorgeous bridal look.

beautiful gele

This style of gele is definitely stunning. However, be aware that, as you go on with your layers, your hands and arms will get very tired. Therefore, be prepared to spend a lot of time and effort on this look. Nevertheless, it will definitely be worth it in the end.

And there you have it, two simple how to tie gele tutorials. If you need video instructions to figure out how to do it, you can always search on YouTube for the method you like best. Alternatively, you can watch the ‘how to tie gele’ video at the end of this article. Good luck and have the greatest wedding ever!