iyabo ojo

Nollywood actress, Iyabo has promised to be the best mother-in-law her son’s future wife will have.

This she did by sharing a picture showing her in a happy mood with her son which she captioned:

“Future wifey don’t worry about the pecks darling, you’re going to have the most amazing mother-in-law ever,”

Recently, Iyabo Ojo cried out over the rate at which colleagues in the movie industry snitch on each other.

The actress took to social media to speak against the act which she says only profits bloggers.

Iyabo Ojo wrote:

What exactly is going on peeps? Why are we bent on destroying ourselves? Bloggers are feeding on people’s lives like there’s no tomorrow. Information coming out from colleagues to the ears of bloggers, sending anonymous dms just to tarnish people’s image….. I have walked in that shoe and I know how badly it hurts…. karma is a bitter truth…. live and lets live.

Yorubas will say “BI OJU BA NSE IPIN, OJU NI A FI N HAN…. easy peeps, easy!!!

This might be in reaction to the recent accusations and counter-accusations between Lizzy Anjorin and Toyin Abraham.