Interesting Facts about Yoruba Actor Femi Adebayo’s Wives and Children (PHOTOS/VIDEO)


Have you ever wonder if there is anyone in the world who can do so many things at the same time? Well, we think this person is definitely Femi Adebayo. This Nigerian actor, producer and loving husband manages to do it all so perfectly, without missing a beat. Is it true that he also got married recently? How many children does the actor have? Let’s find out if the actor is really wearing a ring now and who is Femi Adebayo wife!

Actor Femi Adebayo wife and children

Femi Adebayo was born in Lagos, on 31 December 1972 but his parents originally came from Ilorin, Kwara State. His father, Adebayo Salami is also an actor, therefore Femi chose to continue the path of his father. He went to the University of Ilorin to get his Bachelor degree in Law and later on, his Masters degree in Arts (M.A.).

In 1995, his acting career began. The popular actor’s first role was in Tade Ogidan’s movie titled “Owo Blow”. He has, since then starred in a number of other Nigerian films. His success was so huge that Femi was even able to win four “Best Yoruba actor” awards at the African Film Awards ceremony. This event takes place every year at the Stratford Town Hall in London. In addition, Femi also got the “Best Yoruba actor” award from Nollywood Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria Awards in 2012.

Actor Femi Adebayo in African native attire

Aside from the big success in the movie industry, Femi also had the luck to meet his beautiful wife and had three amazing kids with her. But was Femi always as happy as he is now? Let’s find out more!

All about Femi Adebayo first wife

Sometimes, you have to try twice to eventually find your true love. Femi used to be married to Khadijat, the mother of his three kids. Although the relationships went on for more than 8 years, the couple eventually broke up. It was said that the reason for it was Femi’s affair with the actress, Funke Akindele but both actors denied it. Prior to the divorce, the couple were living in the different apartments and then in 2011, she filed for a divorce in the local court in Ilorin. Sadly, that was the same court, where Femi and Khadijat got married in.

Actor Femi Adebayo first wife and mother of three kids

Khadijat is now re-married and happy again. Femi mentioned in an interview that the reason for the divorce was not infidelity but only a misunderstanding. Khadijat divorced him, as she did not like his acting career and did not support him.

Actor Femi Adebayo with children

Although some people say Femi left his family without any money or support, the actor denies it: “I don’t know how the story started but I think I have heard of it and I say to you that nothing of such has happened. I never dumped my wife and kids. I love them like every good husband and father should love his family.”

Although the couple broke up, Khadijat and Femi still keep in touch and take care of their three beautiful children. Let’s look at how happy Femi is when he is with his children.

Femi Adebayo with children

The “brand new” Femi Adebayo wife

With three amazing children, all Femi lacked was an amazing woman, who can give him love and support. Recently, it was disclosed that the popular Nollywood actor got married again! In October 2016, Femi Adebayo married Omotayo Memunat Sanusi 8 years after his first marriage crash.

Actor Femi Adebayo new wife - Omotayo Memunat Sanusi

Mrs. Adebayo known as Omotayo Memunat Sanusi lived and worked in Lagos before she met her star husband. She was never married and worked as an air hostess before starting her own business. She owns a café ‘Iyan Aladuke’, on Montgomery road in Lagos. The couple is very happy together and enjoys the good life! Take a look at the photos of one of the most beautiful couples in Nollywood.

Actor Femi Adebayo second wife

Femi Adebayo is one of the top Yoruba actors in Nollywood and is loved by everyone. The actor now enjoys his new life with a beautiful wife. The love of his life Omotayo Memunat Sanusi seems to give him support and love, which he obviously needed.