Patience Ozokwor in a new interview with Sunday Scoop, disclosed that she always gets nervous as all eyes are usually on her in public.

Patience Ozokwor who disclosed that fame has its good and bad side, revealed that she sometimes got nervous when she was out in public and all eyes were on her.

She said in the interview;

“Fame is a good thing and it has a lot of advantages. However, sometimes, you cannot be yourself because all eyes are on you. There are times I get nervous when I am in public because so much attention is on me and it seems everybody is watching me. At times like that, I get self conscious and I think that’s quite natural. Sometimes, I just want to be like everybody else and go about unnoticed. As a celeb, so much is expected of you and people hold you to certain standards, and this, sometimes, could be unrealistic.

However, I don’t take all I have for granted. Fame has opened a lot of doors for me and I get preferential treatment. Having a good name is more important than any other thing because your children and generations yet unborn will reap the benefits. Above it all, I thank God for His grace. I thank God that I have achieved everything I wanted with this profession. It is very important for one to know one’s path. Otherwise, one could just waste years doing the wrong things and getting no results.”