A Nigerian woman recently took to Facebook to narrate a story of how thieves broke into her house to steal from her. These thieving criminals did not steal clothes or money or accessories or any such thing. Funny as it may be, they only stole food!

The Nigerian lady could not help but make a fuss about the deed committed by these thieves who actually jumped the fence, raided her kitchen and ate her vegetable soup.

These thieves devoured the entire meal and left the pot nearly empty. She was apparently unhappy about what the hungry criminals had done.

Hence, she took to her Facebook page to share photos of how the thieves broke into her house by jumped the fence walled with barbed wire.

Even more, she shared photos of the leftover food in the kitchen and showed just how the thieves had ravaged her pot of soup.

See the post below:

This post has been received by many people with laughter and agitations. Many took to reacting to the story in different ways. See some of the reactions below: