Nigerians are indeed one of the funniest people in existence. In spite of their strictness and business-mindedness, their personal lives are, most times, filled with fun, weirdness and excitement. On this note, a Nigerian man took to sharing his hilarious experience after he attending a party at his boss’ house.

According to the young gentleman whose name is @BardGuys on Twitter, he wanted to use the toilet and so he took the liberty to use his boss’ toilet.

Upon going into the rest room, he was confronted with some of the most hilarious words he had ever heard in his life. All he wanted to do was urinate but this young men met with something else.

What he saw were three copies of A4 papers pasted on the tiled walls of the toilet. Within those four cornered leaflets were certain printed words that were written with obvious seriousness but were hilarious beyond anything anyone can imagine.

Knowing that his fellow Nigerians would want to see what his eyes had seen, @BardGuys took to taking shots of the papers and sharing them on his Twitter page.

See his post below:

Funny, right? Well, many Nigerians thought so too. Hence, they took to commenting and registering their amusement. See some of the reactions below: