Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham recently shared a new photo of her looking fresh.

The actress was charging her fans with nuggets to guide them in life. She had captioned the photo:

“No matter how much it hurts now, someday you will look back and realize your mistakes changed your life for the better.”

Rather than take to the advice, an internet troll decided to go further when she said:

“When they start showing ring on their hand,,,, just know they have given birth out of wedlock”

This is coming on the basis of another rumour that claims the actress is pregnant and is expecting a baby soon.

The actress who is rumoured to be secretly engaged to fellow actor Kolawole Ajeyemi politely told a fan that “no baby mama in my family darling and I have nothing against baby mamas cos I don’t knw their struggle, so giving birth out of wedlock is A no no for me”

Giving birth out of wedlock is a no no for me - Toyin Abraham tells inquisitive fan

Babymama is a no no for me – Toyin Abraham says
Source: Instagram

This is not the first time the actress will be denying rumours of her being pregnant.We had previously reported that Toyin Abraham got to know about rumours of her being pregnant when her fans took to her Instagram page to congratulate her.

Upon seeing most of these comments, Toyin replied to her fans denying the claims vehemently but still claimed the blessing passionately. This she did by saying ‘Amen’ to her fans’ prayers. Even more, she went ahead to tell them that whatever news they must have heard about her being pregnant is fake and largely untrue.