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Style is many things and everyday, society changes the rules, and only the true fashion icons survive the new tide. In these days of bum augmentation, fat grafting and a long list of other surgeries, style for women has become an exposure contest.

In fact, society keeps changing the definition of beauty and many women around the world have lost their identity all in a bid to conform to the demands of being a beautiful woman in the 21st century.

Style is a big part of beauty and it takes an icon to choose what works for them in order to stand out from the crowd. Many Nigerians know Genevieve Nnaji as an ebony gorgeous woman with great talent in acting but only a few have been able to decipher her fashion and style.

Unlike most of her colleagues, luxury is not all that is to her style. Nnaji is a woman who will choose class over dressing for validation and that single act is a subtle rebellious act in the world of fame. It’s no wonder her almost four million followers on Instagram are hooked to her page daily.

From inception, since the days she first appeared on television, Genevieve Nnaji boldly show-cased her style. It’s the kind that only a few can understand. With Nnaji, style is more than the label, it’s something that reflects your inner strength.

We presents nine ways Genevieve’s style will teach you how to be a grown woman who knows she’s beautiful.

1. Grown and s3xy

Call her a goddess and you won’t be wrong. Showing a thigh, yet keeping every other thing out of sight. This woman will keep many men dreaming for days and she knows it!

2. Black is the new style

Recognise the pattern of showing little skin at a time? And didn’t you hear lacey black is the new ultimate style! Get it girl!

3. A little skin never hurt nobody

It might be look like a simple black dress with a jacket and Arabian hair piece but here’s the statement Nnaji must have meant with this simple style: I’m drop dead gorgeous and I know it.

4. Queen of mirror selfie


Who can compete with such a classy mirror selfie. From the bold coat to the ankle length boots? This woman belongs on the runway.

5. Black and fly

Mamacita! Only a few people can pull off black on black and they are: Genevieve and Nnaji!

6. Sweet Genny

So angelic and classy. All hail the queen of elegance.

7. Prints in gold

Now might be the time to remind you that this stunning lady is 38 years of age.

8. Sequence and gold

Yes mama! Drip in gold. Another reason to love Genny. With the plunging backline and the smooth ebony skin, she will have you thinking of how to buy her a diamond ring.

9. Stylish queen

And the absolutely favourite. Even in a dress which covers her from head to toe, you can feel the s3xiness oozing out of the photo.