(PHOTOS) Fusion Style Are Just The Best!


When ankara meets other fabrics, magic is created and these fusion style are just the best of fashion magic! We all know ankara is a fabulous fabric made from cotton and even silk now, but its beauty lies in the ease with which it can be merged with other fabrics to make some lovely styles.

We are showing you some of the unique styles that can be a result of this merger. They can come in tops, skirts, dresses or even trousers. Some of the fabrics it can be mixed with include velvet, lace, chiffon, tulle among others.
You definitely need to see these to believe it! They are the best ankara fusion styles ever!

Latest 2018 Styles

Cc @cjumjum in dress by @olabisiodunne

Cc @renney_wigs in @queen_el_designs

Cc @jayke_closet

Cc @afishemihoney in @sandiezcollection

Cc @bimboademoye in @springstitches

Cc @lindaosifo

Cc @stylebysai

Cc @whittiswit in @foxywoman.ng

[email protected] in @valeriestjules

Cc @symdeycouture

Cc @dea_land_ in Dress by @tribeofdumo