Officers from Kerugoya Police Post, Kirinyaga county in Kenya, were called in to restore order after four women fought over the body of a bike rider on Wednesday, May 8.

The women identified as Janet Wambui, Lydia Wanjiru, Susan Wakuthii, and a fourth one, a female resident from Kimbimbi village, turned up at Kirinyaga County Funeral Parlour to collect the body of Peter Mwangi.

Citizen Digital.

Confusion and drama at Kirinyaga County Funeral Parlour when four women showed up to collect body of Peter Mwangi. Photo: Citizen Digital.

Drama began when each of them claimed to be Mwangi’s legitimate wife.

While making it known each had a son with the late rider, they jostled for public attention to prove how each was close to the man who died on Sunday, April 28.

Soon, the scene became chaotic after they failed to back down on who should be allowed to take the body home for burial, prompting family and friends to intervene but in vain.

Despite pleadings from all quarters, they engaged in a cat fight that saw police officers from Kerugoya called in.

With time ticking away, the immediate family members agreed the 32-year-old be interred at his uncle’s home where the service went on uninterrupted, albeit hurriedly.

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