Everything about Lizzy is a lie – Ex classmate


Lizzy, who was rescued by Pastor Tony Rapu from drug addiction has been tagged a fraud by her supposed ex classmate, Chacha.


Chacha took to Instagram to call out Lizzy, saying she never attended Caleb Nursery and Primary School and Vivian Fowler Secondary School, and her name is Oluchi and not Lizzy.

She wrote this in reaction to the initial story of the rescued girl, who was reported to have attended both Caleb and Vivian Fowler.

In her statement while speaking with Pastor Tony Rapu, Lizzy had revealed that she attended the two schools.

See what Chacha wrote below;

“If I start dis girls story self una go tire. Her name is oluchi, nt Lizzy, we attended st peters nur & pry sch Alausa, later attended oregun high sch, oregun, her elder sister’s name is onyeka. Everything about her are lies. In 2017 I was going out with my friend on getting to alausa U” turn by radio bust stop near Zenith bank in Alausa, I saw oluchi , I cm down from d car and called her by name oluchi she recognized me from secondary sch, I asked her wat happened to her why was she begging she SD her son is I’ll and he’s in d hospital (lasuth) suffering from naval infection I was surprised hearing her saying she has a son, we drove dwn to UBA oregun branch withdrew some money via ATM and gv her never knew its money for crack and Igbo we gv her. I personally told her to remove her ijab cos of d smell I was perceiving we gv her d money and she entered keke and went. Her parents are late, her father was blind for a very long time b4 he died, not quite long too dia mum died lived In a room apartment with her family in Oregun, we practically grew up in d same are b4 dey moved out. B4 d drugs twas jumping from One guy to d other den in sch. Am nt trying to spoil her but its better u cm out plain and honest . and am hearing Vivian fowler and Caleb.”

Read below the full story

A 26-year-old cocaine addict simply identified as Lizzy, has recounted how her boyfriend got her into drug addiction.

Lizzy’s story was shared by Lagos pastor, Tony Rapu, whose foundation is working to get her off drug addiction.

n two videos shared online, Lizzy who went to A-list schools like Vivian Fowler, Caleb Nursery and Primary School, recounted how her boyfriend introduced her to crack. She also narrated how she resorted to begging and prostitution just to feed her addiction.

”I am lizzy. I have been here now for seven years. I have been seeing different rehabs and I have refused to go because I feel they will not be able to take care of me because the Heroin and Cocaine has gone inside of me very well.

I finished my secondary school from Vivian Fowler. I went to Caleb Nursery and Primary School.

I came into drugs through a friend. He used to be my boyfriend. He was putting it in my weed I didn’t know. There was a day he showed it to me and told me he had been putting it in my weed I didn’t know. I was like what is this and he told me its cocaaine. That was how I got into cocaine”

Posting her video online, Pastor Tony wrote

”We visited Ipodo this afternoon, a dilapidated and degraded community in the heart of Ikeja.
Our visit was to rescue 26 year old Lizzy from the clutches of her captors; the drug sellers and pimps who feed her drug habit from the proceeds of prostitution and other vices.

Watch videos of her speaking below:

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