(PHOTOS) Enjoy your pregnancy and look stunning in latest lace styles for pregnant ladies


Hey, pregnant fashionistas, take a look at the best lace styles for pregnant ladies. What are the latest lace trends for maternity fashion? Let’s talk about fashionable Nigerian clothes for pregnancy in our post below.

Lace styles for pregnant ladies

Pregnancy is a specific condition of a woman. At this time, she is very attentive to her appearance and carefully selects her wardrobe. Today, clothes for pregnant women are very diverse. Designers offer many interesting maternity styles using various fabrics and colours.


Now a pregnant woman does not want to stay in the background humbly waiting for childbirth. Modern ladies continue to lead an active life throughout the pregnancy and for this purpose they need suitable wardrobe. Today, a pregnant woman is not content with one hoodie dress and kangaroo jumpsuit. She wants to keep up with fashion and use the latest trends waiting for a child and also be beautiful and desirable.Maternity lace styles

Maternity lace designs; photo: www.pinkblushmaternity.com
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Lace styles for pregnant ladies

Lace can be used in different types of wears for pregnant ladies. Pregnancy fashion includes dresses, blouses, lace cardigans, etc. Besides, lace is perfect for the trim of any maternity item. If you want to add zest and sophistication to the attire or make an ordinary outfit more elegant.

Empire lace dress for pregnant ladies

Empire lace gown for pregnant ladies; source: www.stylerave.com
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Gowns for pregnant women

Lace is perfect for festive maternity attire. Usually, pregnant women prefer dresses as evening outfits. What are trendy lace dresses for pregnant ladies? The ideal option is a straight and slightly loose midi gown. Maternity dresses should not tightly shape. The trendy Greek or Empire styles, as well as A-shape gowns, are perfect for future moms.

Together with midi, the length to the knee is also acceptable. But if you prefer long gowns don’t choose maxi options. Extremely long dress with a train is not appropriate for pregnant ladies. There is always a risk of tripping and falling.

Lace gown with underdress for pregnant ladies

Lace gown with underdress for pregnant women; source: www.bellanaija.com
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You can make an elegant dress completely with lace. Cord lace, as well as French lace look exquisite. Trendy cord lace styles for pregnant ladies are beautiful. When using an underdress let the fabric for it be of the same colour with lace or a bit darker.

Aso Ebi lace styles for pregnant ladies

Aso Ebi lace dress for pregnant ladies; source: www.bellanaija.com
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For Aso Ebi lace styles for pregnant ladies, lace with a beautiful and delicate floral pattern goes perfectly. Lace fabric with a curly patterned edge is also great for evening outfits.

Lace short gown with open shoulders

Lace short dress with open shoulders; source: www.babybrownsugar.com
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Many ladies instinctively hide their tummy. But in a festive dress, you can emphasise a beautiful neckline. If your dress or blouse is made of cord lace, then use off-shoulder or one shoulder design with narrow or three-quarter sleeves or without sleeves. You can also wear long flared sleeves, especially if the lace has a wavy edge. If you wear French lace, you can also open your shoulders. But then you need to add straps. Not deep and round neckline suits any lady and is appropriate for any dress or blouse style.

Festive lace maternity dress

Festive lace maternity gown; photo: www.pinkblushmaternity.com
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If you sew a maternity outfit, you should avoid the mermaid style. Such tailoring tights the figure and can obstruct movement. But if you want this design, all the same, choose the midi length and wear such a dress in the middle terms of your pregnancy.

Black lace gown for pregnant ladies

Black lace dress for pregnant ladies; source: vintagedancer.com
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Blouse with lace for pregnant ladies

Blouse with lace for pregnant women; photo: www.bellanaija.com
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Blouse styles for pregnant ladies

Let’s talk separately about the lace blouse styles for pregnant women. Set aside shortened and fitted products for wearing after delivery. Lace blouses with a coquette and high waistline, detachable and slightly flared above the waist options, blouses with masculine tailoring, asymmetrical items – all these are your options. If the lace blouse is too transparent, wear a top with it. Both the blouse and top should be of sufficient length and cover the belly well.

Lace trim for a maternity dress

Lace trim for a maternity gown; source: www.bellanaija.com
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Black dress with lace sleeves for pregnant ladies

Black gown with lace sleeves for pregnant women; source: www.babybrownsugar.com
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Lace decoration for maternity styles

Lace inset on a dress or blouse adds tenderness and elegance to any image. Lace coquette, frills, sleeves, neckline or hem trim refreshes the image of a pregnant woman. Here you can experiment more with colours than in wears sewn only complete with lace. Monochrome lace and colourful Ankara is the classic combination of fabrics for Nigerian fashionistas.

Lace cardigan for pregnant ladies

Lace cardigan for pregnant women; source: www.pinkblushmaternity.com
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Lace cape for pregnant ladies

Lace cape for pregnant women; photo: www.bellanaija.com
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Other lace wears for pregnant women

Pregnant women can wear not only lace dresses and blouses but also use lace items to complete their look. It is not obligatory to create a mono look, but the cape and basic wears should be of the same colour. Keep the rule: if you take the basic items of bright colour, then use the pastel or black, white, grey or brown lace cape or cardigan and vice versa.

Lace outfits for pregnant women help to diversify their wardrobe. Ladies in lace maternity styles are gorgeous. Create tender images with lace!

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